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Simon Nielsen

(ITR title: CEOBD - Chief executive officer of beautiful design)
2003-08-17 Roskilde KTI (DK) Alfa Romeo 164 3.0 - Lap time 0:50.03

2005-06-12 Ring Knutstorp (S) Alfa Romeo Spider TS 2.0 - no time recorded

2006-04-26 Sturup Raceway (S) Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 3.2 - Lap time 1:31

2006-05-27 Nürburgring Nordschleife (D) Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 3.2 - Lap time 12:23 (BTG)

2006-06-17 Ring Knutstorp (S) Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 3.2 - no time recorded

2006-07-26 Ring Knutstorp (S) Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 3.2 - no time recorded

Simon Nielsen (real-life)

If I could choose a daily driver: Audi A8 4.2Q Tiptronic. It is absolutely ultimative in comfort and style, but at the same time brutal when you squeeze the accelerator

If my lottery ticket came out: A Maserati Ghibli 2.8 Biturbo, dark blue with tan hide. No, two similar cars; to always have one in running order

The best drive: Audi A8 and Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 with 400 bhp. Both the Audi and the Alfa were kings of the road, but each in their own way. The Alfa had so much excess power that Schumi must have been bored in his cockpit last season ...

All-time classic: Most Alfas

Place(s) I would like to drive: The Kerteminde Tour and the Nürburgring in my newly acquired Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6

Best car experience: A demo-ride in a green GTV back in 1995. The dealer allowed me to take this wonder of a car for a spin. I was truely dazzled and had to stop several times to contemplate the fantastic design. At the first corner I almost crashed it into a light-post because of the quick steering response!

Right now I am looking forward to: collecting the Alfa 166 tomorrow, get a timing belt changed and cruise around southern Sweden

The best GPL-track: Have never tried it

GPL is cool because: You don't get speeding tickets ...

The best race driver ever: Gert Sterner and Per Einarsson. They have the determination, skill and style to get amazingly much out of limited ressources. Many has much faster cars than they have, but Per and Gert get there first anyway. Unbeliveable! (ed.: pfff :rolleyes:)
Audi 4.2 V8 Dark Blue Ghibli
Brute Alfa 156 V6 Classic Breed
New 166 V6 Sharp turn-in GTV
Simon at the Ring Never tried it ...

We were there from the start

For 2004 Scuderia Into The Red entered Simon Nielsen in the Spanish Grand Prix with the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA.

Kimi Räikkönen got some serious competition from the italian car over the length of the race, and swapped places with Nielsen several times.

During the very last pit-stop the silver Alfa failed to reengage first gear and the ITR driver decided to retire for a cup of Caffe Latte.

Another race lost. But then again -
almost won as well ...
We were there from the start

Simon Nielsen drove his Alfa Romeo Spider 2-litre TS in the FIA sportscar race at Dijon in 2006.

After taking the lead from three rows down the starting grid on the first lap he pitted in after 20 laps because tires were all worn. The crew had gone to lunch so the car was just parked and the driver joined the crew for a Leffe.

Another race lost. But then again -
almost won as well ...