Track log with Into The Red Motor Racing for:

Søren Bærholm

(ITR title: CEOET - Chief executive officer of enthusiastic touring)
2003-06-14 Circuit van Zandvoort (NL) Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 2.0 - Lap time 2:52

2003-06-15 Nürburgring Nordschleife (D) Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 2.0 - Lap time 11.24 (BTG)

2004-05-09 Roskilde KTI (DK) Audi 100 2.3 - Lap time 0:48.77

2004-08-08 Nürburgring Nordschleife (D) Audi 100 2.3 - waiting for time

2005-04-24 Nürburgring Nordschleife (D) Audi 100 2.3 - Lap time 10.26 (BTG)

2005-09-25 Ring Knutstorp (S) Audi 100 2.3 - Lap time 1:31.46 (with chicanes)

2009-04-18 Roskilde Racing Center (DK) Dino gocart 23cc - Lap time 1:13.3

2009-08-05 Nürburgring Nordschleife (D) Audi 200 20V 2.2 turbo - Lap time 10.38 (BTG)

2010-07-06 Nürburgring Nordschleife (D) Audi 200 20V 2.2 turbo - Lap time 9:56 (BTG)

Søren Bærholm (real-life and ex-simracing)

If I could choose a daily driver: BMW 645Ci

If my lottery ticket came out: Moto Guzzi Daytona and an Aston Martin DB9

The best drive: Alfa Romeo 164 3.0 V6

All-time classic: NSU TTS

Place(s) I would like to drive: Racing the Isle Of man, Passo Del Stelvio, Carrera Panamericana

Best car experience: It happened in the parking lot opposite Galleria Ferrari in Maranello on a summer trip the day before a local Hill climb. An F1 roars in the distance, a mechanic is trimming a road-racer using all his senses; the engine rushes up the revs again and again, and he is absolutely engulfed in his work. Then a lady approaches him and asks a question, and the engine is silenced for a moment. The conversation is over and the engine screams into the red revs again ... This is Italy at it's best ;-)

Right now I am looking forward to: Try my new summer wheels when the snow is gone

The best GPL-track: Watkins Glen

GPL is cool because: You don't die from it

The best race driver ever: Mike Hailwood; he drove both bikes and cars - among others for Jaguar - at the highest level. Has had a Ducati named after him
BMW 645Ci Guzzi Daytona
Mexican Pan-am Galleria Ferrari
Lauda almost died Summer wheels
Watkins Glen Hailwood on Ducati

We were there from the start

For 1951 Søren Bærholm was entered by Scuderia Into The Red for the Mille Miglia in his Audi 100.

The Neckarsulmer ran troublefree all the way from Brescia to Rome but in the early evening Bærholm was suprised by some goats in the mountains and bent the front suspension.

He kept running the crippled car but was denied further participation at a control post, and had to retire the silver car.

Another race lost. But then again -
almost won as well ...