Track log with Into The Red Motor Racing for:

Claus Olesen

(ITR title: CEOCB - Chief executive officer of chilled beverage)
2006-06-17 Ring Knutstorp (S) Alfa Romeo 156 TS 1.6 - no time recorded

2009-04-18 Roskilde racing Center (DK) Dino gocart 23cc - Lap time 1:19.0

Claus Olesen (real-life)

If I could choose a daily driver: Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

If my lottery ticket came out: I would build an Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale copy

The best drive: ... hasn't come up yet, I think

All-time classic: 1962 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso

Place(s) I would like to drive: ...

Best car experience: The Blackhawk car museum in Danville, California

Right now I am looking forward to: the next ITR meeting

The best GPL-track: What is that?

GPL is cool because: ...

The best race driver ever: Tom Kristensen

Vanquish V12 Copy-worthy Alfa
Seven-fold master Danville collection
Team building GPL ... what?
Luxury sportscar

We were there from the start

Scuderia Into The Red entered
Claus Olesen in the formiddable Alfa Romeo 156 in the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix.

Always ready for some action, he was held up by Jack Brabham at the station hairpin, but was soon back on track and overtook a stranded
Jim Clark already on lap 2.

The red car came to a halt at the chicane on lap 82 when Olesen helped rescueing Lorenzo bandini from the burning Ferrari 312 wreck.

Another race lost. But then again -
almost won as well ...