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Destination Nürburgring Trackday and Karfreitag

21-22. april 2011

The spring 2011 Nürburgring trip this year saw participation from the two most active cars and drivers, Gert Sterner and Per Einarsson. They were accompanied by Kristoffer Nielsen, who is well known by the team for his simracing and gocart driving.

Upon arrival and a good night's sleep the trio went to the track, which was supposed to open at 2 PM, and found it very active with a trackday from Britain. Destination Nürburgring offered 1 hour of full lap running for 100 euros, and we leapt at the chance to run consequtive laps.

It was easter, and as such touristenfahrt was very crowded - even more so than anything we have ever seen before. In it's own right quite interesting - and very expensive in crashed vehicles and smashed bikes.
Scuderia Participants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145 Q - best lap time 9:59 full lap (BTG best: 9:25)

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo Giulia GT - best lap time 10:06 full lap (BTG best: 9:28)

Kristoffer Nielsen - Did not drive

The two cars refueling the night before departure and getting tire pressures optimized - 1.7 bar in the Toyos Early morning, packed and ready to go from Odense
The romantic double bed in the suite we got from the nice Gasthausfrau Kristoffer got his very own junior room complete with toys and a big teddy bear
For once we got very good breakfast and we really feasted every morning The blue Giulia GT gets an oil check before the fun begins
1972 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT (155 bhp) 1998 Alfa Romeo 145 Q (150 bhp)
The trackday participants were really professional with service trucks and nitrogen for wheel inflation The drivers stick trackdays number decals on the front and rear screens
The cars were fitted with transponders for noise level identification purposes Later during ordinary tourist time an Ultima GTR showed up in the paddock
Gert Sterner turning in for the last left in Adenauer Forst Gert Sterner shadowing Per Einarsson out of the Adenauer Forst complex
The black Alfa Romeo 145 Q clipping an apex at speed Gert Sterner prepares to brake for the Schwalbenschwanz double left
Per Einarsson stresses the Toyo R888s maximum while pursued by Gert Sterner The blue Alfa Romeo Giulia GT diving over a brow on the twisty circuit
The front tires were quite worn after four laps despite only having to steer The Alfa Romeo 145 Q getting fresh brake pads on both front wheels at Rent4ring
Back at the hotel for some well earned Kölsch Later at Blaue Ecke in Adenau town
An english classic Porsche 911 bumping it's way through the Karusell The awesome Ultima GTR negotiating some twistybits
After Sabine Schmitz tried the 'Ring in a Transit everybody wants to emulate her One of two wonderful Wiesmann BMW V8 powered roadsters
Low and mean Audi R8 at the Karusell The Aston Martin DBS ringtaxi has out for a lot of laps and showed off very well
Wonderfully prepared BMW 635 diving into the Karusell The Audi RS4 is becoming a more frequent track weapon, always with a good sound
V8 BMW M3 growling along a kerb A classic Ford Capri jumping at Pflanzgarten 1
Per and Kristoffer talking to a couple of danish Toyota drivers whom we met at Rent4ring One of many piggyback rides observed throughout the stay
An italian in a Lamborghini Gallardo exiting the Karusell A fast BMW Z4 turning in too tight for Brünnchen
One of several Nissan GTRs very loud and powerful track cars A KTM X-bow in action is a spectacular sight
Kristoffer Nielsen's dream car would be a Caterham Seven and they do go very well indeed The sweeper on yet another call
Carfreitag is an insanely crowded experience at the Nordschleife, this is at Brünnchen And the Breidscheid bend is equally crowded
A wonderful Austrian Giulia GT Junior in the paddock The car was very well prepared and equiped
Brutal Ford Mustang Shelby GT thundering away A fast Opel Astra zooming past with a hissing shriek
Yes it is a photoshop - but we have to do it for real next time Resting at Pizzeria Giulia in Adenau
The Giulia GT trapped on the Döttinger Höhe straight when the track closed once again Kristoffer Nielsen and Gert Sterner argue whether it is possible to modify the wheel arches
Photo shoot on the field across from Pflanzgarten Transfering and copying video and photo files while enjoying a beer back at the hotel
Kristoffer Nielsen sucking on a calming cigarette after another lap in the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Gopro Hero HD camera fitted onto the crash helmet of Per Einarsson
On the morning of our return trip we discoverd a petrol leak on the Alfa Romeo 145 Q A well deserved car wash for the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT on the way home
The Alfa Romeo Giulia GT always smells like a fuel bomb, here at a break on the way back to Denmark Fuel for the heros at a local food depot