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Last trip of the year

18. october 2010

Ever since this summer, when Gert Sterner didn't participate in the Le Mans trip, there has been talk about a last autumn go at the Nürburgring. After a quick descision at at brunch in Odense two cars were sent to Adenau for some north looping containing Per Einarsson, Søren Bærholm and the inevitable Gert Sterner.

We arrived in the middle of the night at Gasthaus Gilles in Müllenbach and spent an hour with the owner's son in the bar talking about the good old days. But the next day - planned for all-day looping - was all fog and no go at the Ring.

We had to go an see the Ringwerk Museum, and that was so bad, so boring and so very wrong when you consider the opportunities they have blown. This could be one of the most awesome car museums in the world, and they have turned it into a plastic theme park with no culture at all. Terrible!
Scuderia Participants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145 Q - best lap time 10:44 BTG

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo Mito 1.3 JTDm - best lap time 10:47 BTG

Søren Bærholm - Did not drive

The three travellers before the departure from Odense in front of Per Einarsson's new Alfa Romeo Mito Because none of us really was prepared for the trip the first job was to fuel the cars
Søren Bærholm drives the Alfa Romeo Mito on the German Autobahn and he likes it Horrendous redirection of the traffic near Bremen meant that we drove far into the night
Early morning at the Nordschleife Einfahrt and a lot of petrol heads waiting in anticipation after long trips The former Grüne Hölle is now called Devil's Corner and you can only shop with the silly Ring-card
The JTDm-Mito sits idle in the carpark along with many other fine automobiles The purposeful black thunderbolt of Gert Sterner waits for some action next to a hot supercharged Mini
A wonderful Audi A8 cabrio with V10 engine drew a lot of attention A seemingly very hot Porshe 911 with the engine enlarged to 4.0 liters - scarry stuff
A sure way to pull a crowd: Turn up in a hypercar like a stealth fighter coloured Gumpert Apollo Extreme engineering for sure but just like everybody else it didn't drive the loop that day
A vividly coloured Gallardo trundles around for a parking spot in the over-crowded paddock area A Swiss couple arrived in a prepped Bertone GT but had to leave like the rest of us
Another Swiss car was this british racing green late series Lotus Esprit A thrilling car that would have been very interesting to observe on the track - Nissan GT-R
A wise owner making it comfortable inside his car and reading the newspaper The only cars allowed onto the track were the two white BMW M5 Ring-taxis who had a busy day
You cant use the iPhone to open the Nordschleife no matter how much you look for the right App We decided to go and see the Ringwerk and were utterly disappointed - it was boring and gut-less
An exploded view of a BMW formula 1 racer was one of the only things slightly interesting - dont go! Having a pizza at Ristorante Giulia in Adenau just under the Breidscheid bend is a sure thing every time
There is always some good eating involved Burger Kings have some good burgers for the travelling petrolheads
The normal german morning shabang - you cant beat it Blaue Ecke in the evening after a disappointing day at the Nürburgring - we sat there for a long time
Next morning - now lets get on with it like we are supposed to The preparation of our cars has grown into a well known routine after almost 10 years at it
Gert Stener almost panicks when he cant find the ticket-card Per Einarsson tries to tape a Gopro camera onto the helmet but decides to squeeze it in the seat headrest
Guten Morgen sir, do you have cameras installed? - Me no I would never do anything like that *cough* The Mito returns after the third of four laps and is directed towards the paddock by the marshalls
And then it receives the mark of honour on the butt We have to attend to our prettiness
The weather lightened up when we left the Eifel area and the first stretch of the trip was very nice The usual drill of photographing each other and our cars is very important
Trying our best to avoid the ridiculous roadwork on Autobahn 1 - but the GPS insisted The Alfa Romeo 145Q just visible through the steering wheel rim of the Alfa Romeo Mito