Nürburgring (D) home
En route to Le Mans Classic

6. july 2010

Closing in on the 10Y anniversary for North Looping, a team of three redders visited the infamous Nürburgring on the way to the Le Mans Classic in France.

Søren bærholm was there in the powerful Audi 200 turbo 20-valver, and he was eager to better the time from last year. We only drove two laps, so there wasn't much opportunity to set a phantom lap time. The first round was at a hesitant pace, just to reaquaint and test the machines, but lap two was full-tilt, and we set a good speed until we arrived at a yellow -flagged Pflanzgarten.

A sorry Seat had overturned and was halfways over the armco. So the laps of this year were quite meager, but Søren Bærholm demonstrated that he can set a fine time if given a clear run. Per Einarsson just strolled the Bertone GT ... funny how experience gives you wings !?!
Scuderia Participants:

Søren Bærholm - Audi 200 20V - best lap time 9:56 BTG

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce - best lap time 9:59 BTG

Simon Nielsen - Did not drive

Assembly at Audi Zentrum Midtfunen (AZM) at Søren Bærholm's - four Audis, no less! Gert Sterner joined the journeymen for a nice summer diner in the garden.
Early morning time and the two cars are ready, Alfa Romeo Bertone GT and Audi 200 20V Simon Nielsen preferred the cosy ambience of the Ingolstädter Autobahn-roller
The little italian ran without a single hickup but it didn't prevent the team to peek under the bonnet Per Einarsson's beautiful Alfa Romeo gets a scrub with some hot-foam
Leaving another parking-garage, this time we were late because of too much talk the ticket didn't work Cruising on immaculate german motorways has grown into a common summer pass-time
After the hot-foam treatment We have to attend to our prettiness
The Audi is ready for some action on the Nordschleife On post-coitus the cars turned west for a cruise through Luxembourg and into France