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Le Mans Classic

9-10 july 2010

Ever since the very early days of ITR-incubation, Per Einarsson has been talking about attenting the Le Mans Classic event. It began in 2002 as a somewhat small venue - albeit on the big 24h circuit right from year one.

2010 saw the fifth running and as i coincided with Alfa Romeo's centenary, the Scuderia contemplated a BIG tour including both Milan and Le Mans. But stretching more than 14 days was impossible. Really.

Simon Nielsen was very interested in a French adventure and Søren Bærholm ever the eager Audi-stürmer joined the gang. A house was rented and some of the wifes flew to Paris, and it was all very french and nice - damned hot!
Scuderia Participants:

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce - best lap time 8:26

Søren Bærholm - Passenger and filming

The Scuderia trio in hot morning sun going for the cars in Metz (northern France, despite the german name) French Autoroutes were just as nice as german Autobahnen - and just as congested
Resting the automobiles in the very hot sunshine, the cars ran without any problems A nice and cool underground parking lot
The elegant Audi 200 finds rest inside the court of the wonderful farmhouse in Le Lude
Driving up the Mulsanne straight friday before they closed it for the racing
At the cathedral square there were a lot of exciting cars as expected - just as in Adenau A Playstation GT Citroën prototype which actually was running, very spectacular!
The ITR trio lines up at a random car - #42 Inside the Le Mans Museum Simon contemplates the lines of Pinifarina's Dino 206 prototype
Awesome machine the Audi R8 is - a very purposeful racer - don't confuse with later road car though Le mans is also motorcycles - in the background is Mazda's rotary winner
Every night saw heavy rainfall with obligatoty patterns of dust on the cars the next morning The Bertone GT safely parked inside the barriers of the Clubs area - wating for next days Tour de Piste
Saturday - finally Søren Bærholm and Per Einarsson making themselves ready for a couples of laps Lined up for some spectacular fun - we almost didn't make it because there was so much traffic
Following a Alpine-Renault under the legendary Dunlop bridge on one of 3 laps Zooming down les Hunaudieres (or Mulsanne straight) past the two chicanes and over the brow at Musanne
Small cars are for kids, they even have a Le Mans start on the finish line - wheel chair not allowed in race Two (out of many many) Matra Djets in the Club paddock - a total of 6500 cars were on show
Many of the main european classic dealers had stands with fabolous cars on show In the 1970's paddock all the combatants were lined up just as back-when Alfa 33 vs Porsche 910
An abolutely astonishing Ferrari 512S as raced in the late sixties - this one owned by Monteverdi An aluminium space-framed Porsche 908 - the bodywork was shine-through thin
An english sportscar is made out of wood Two nice 1960's Alfa Romeos - Silver Zagato-modified Giulietta SVZ and factory-made Giulia TZ
This Guinness bar was constantly extremely noisy and had very nice cars parked in front - Lancia Aurelia Lotus Seven Club line-up - the clubs were situated on the Circuit Bugatti all the way round
An old-fashioned mechanic from Ferrari Clasische - the factory's own classic work shop The Ferrari 330 P2 before it crashed out - many cars went of on the fast but twisty track
A lucky bastard dives into the driving seat of a Ferrari 275 GTB 6C Competizione Always the darling - Bizzarini GT - everybody loves it despite the Corvette power
Old-school petrol outlet inside the garages Late-sixties and early seventies cars in a very classic environment
The tiny SVZ Alfa Giulietta was not sanctioned by the factory for the first couple of years But Zagato's continouos beating of the factory-cars eventually convinced Alfa Romeo to list it
Driver change in the busy pitlane Nice and noisy Porsche 906 return from a practice stint following a Triumph GT6
The legendary Porsche 917 - thrilling sound from a 5-liter aircooled boxer-12 The 1970's grid fires up the start-finish straight - fantastic sight
Wafer-thin glassfibre shell over flimsy steel tubing Another legend in it's own right - the thunderous Ford GT40 - always a contender
More airline cockpit than race car interior - The Howmet Turbine car Gas turbine power for endurance - the cars participated in its own class back in the days
A very special car - guite beautiful and professionally made - in Britain The sound was something special - effortless highspeed passes and powerful acceleration
A red Porsche peeks out in front of a Ferrari 275 GT Absolute endurance legend Ferrari 250 SWB screaming over the finish line in the dark
The big sand trap at the original bend after the pits and the illuminated Dunlop grand stand A fast Osca 1600 GTS motors into the dark evening
A smart frenchie parked his Alpine-Renault without asking for permission and got himself towed Nice, nimble and noisy - a Porsche 550 mid-engined speedster
A very sympathetic Skoda 1100 owner did his own brake refurbishment - 1949 car At 3 or 4 AM the ITR heroes began to tire and all the food stalls very closing by midnight
Simon Nielsen rented this Fiat Panda in Le Mans in order to haul his family around Søren Bærholm fills the tank with fuel before he turns even deeper into France on a long journey home
Per Einarsson drove solo 1500 km back to Denmark - on espresso, whoppers and Red Bull A welcomed pause on the ferry from Germany to Denmark