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37th AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix

3-10 august 2009

The 37th Oldtimer GP was chosen for the next North Loop outing. It made perfect sense to watch the races on both the GP track and the north loop while waiting for the track to open for tourist traffic.

Michael Ryhl had ordered a Suzuki Swift from our friends at www.rent4ring.de but had to retire just before we left. That left Routieniers Gert Sterner and Per Einarsson to travel along with Søren Bærholm who was eager to test the Audi 200 20V.

We didn't see much of the OGP. Partly due to the foggy weather but also because we focussed on the Toursitenfarhren! The track was altered at Hohenrain because of the nearby Oldtimer racing and the track was almost never free and open for a fast time to be clocked - so the lap timers are modest. But it was huge fun!
Scuderia Participants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145 Q - best lap time 9:39 BTG

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce - best lap time 10:03 BTG

Søren Bærholm - Audi 200 20V - best lap time 10:38 BTG

An anxious Søren Bærholm hoping for the turbo unit not to pack up on this trip Travelling at speed on the German Autobahn the blue Audi 200 20V trails Sterner's Alfa Romeo
Gert Sterner in his black Alfa Romeo 145Q as always the camera man Per Einarsson breaking the formation in his blue Alfa Romeo Bertone GT while filming Sterner
Gert Sterner is our gizmo-guy but sometimes the GPS needs a little oldschool calibration The now-abandoned UFO braking system on Audi's flagship still looks quite amazing today
Refueling on 100 octane super fuel in the early evening All cars ran very efficiently on the precious drops of german high octane petrol
Photography buff - the Dad of the Gasthaus in Nachtsheim had a big camera collection Breakfast is always taking a little longer than planned because there is a lot to plan for
Finally ready for take-off from Nachtsheim The participants in the 37th Oldtimer GP begin to file in through the new Grand Prix complex
Meanwhile the ITR troopers hit the north loop - here Søren Bærholm in the Audi 200 20V And Per Einarsson in the old Alfa Romeo Bertone GT stretching around a fast bend
Gert Sterner overtakes a slower BMW and gets a crooked line through Adenauer Forst The elegant and powerful Neckarsulmer creeps along the inner kerb at speed
During one of many "North loop closed" periods the redders stretch out and rest While queing up for another couple of laps Per Einarsson and Søren Bærholm enjoy the Eifel summer
An impressive Ultima GT - a fast piece of toy A wonderful Porsche 550 spider
One of many Bertone GTs here seen negotiating the twisty Adenauer Forst section Alfa Romeo brought two 8C Spiders - one for a static display in the GP paddock and one for looping
Two crazy norwegians arrived in an equally crazy AMC racer They had a lot of trouble but managed to get a few laps
A serious road-legal racer spotted on the track Beatiful Bentley in the parking lot - a true gentleman's GT
The ITR trio parked at Ristorante Giulia in Adenau under the Breidsheid bridge The Scuderia checked out some facilities which could be used as a permanent club house
Ready for yet another day the tiny Bertone GT squeezed in between german and italian titans Watching the race on the North Loop somewhere in the Wipperman-Eschbach section
Gert Sterner makes some more amazing shots of the moving metal - this time Detroit iron Giulia GT followed over Hohe Acht by a quite rare Alfa Romeo 1900 TI Berlina
Very purposeful contender now and back when - one of the Aston Marton Project cars A fair match surprisingly enough - Audi 60 and Fiat 127 in the youngtimer cup
That's the way to do it - a beautifully sideways BMW 2002 in the Wippermann esses Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA buzzing towards Hohe Acht from the Karussell
A noisy NSU TTS screeming at full tilt towards Eschbach The Porsche 904s were as always dominant and very reliable
The 500km GT race is over and the drivers get applauded from the ITR crew Herluf Jensen got a single shot at driving the GP track in his hot Alfa Romeo Giulia TI
Some of the time the ADAC held a Motorbike course on the track The fast right-hander at Aremberg prepares you for the dive into Fuchsröhre
Audi had a special launch of the RS6 for selected customers - Hans Stuck is driving Another very rare Audi on the Loop was Søren Bærholm's 200 20V getting a lot of attention
The team manager guns his Alfa Romeo Bertone GT over another hill Loosing petrol on the track and stopping at the fence having to call for assistance - bugger!
www.rent4ring.de were as always very kind and lent us the lift for the repairs The petrol tubes had fallen out of the pump housing - after 37 years of duty
The new GP complex is vast and very nicely done - except for the Ringcard - which is stupid Döttinger Höhe clogged up with cars after a muli-car-and-bike crash at Pflanzgarten
Gert Sterner looks at nice new components for his black bulldog Alfa Old and new - Ford Mustang GT in the paddock
A nice litle Honda S800 also spotted near the track Meanwhile the motorcyclists were having a go with the ADAC couse in groups of 5-10 bikers
Some of the more special cars fueling at Petrol ED's opposite Döttinger Höhe Søren Bærholm with a lot of Eurobucks before paying the Gasthaus in Nachtsheim - heading for Altzheim
Foggy weather sometimes closes the track Per Einarsson tapes the petrol-filler shut before daring a lap
A nice shot from a fence-photographer showing the Audi 200 in pursuit of the Bertone GT A special open-top version of the old VW Scirocco
Gert Sterner tips the compact Alfa Romeo 145Q into the Karussell in the foggy weather Søren Bærholm man-handles the 4WD Audi 200 20v while Gert Sterner gets it on video
Cow transport leaving droppings that spilt onto our beautiful cars - shit! Two tired dudes back in Altzheim
Gert Sterner at it again this time in the passenger seat of Per Einarsson in The Alfa Romeo Bertone GT Out of the blue Per Einarsson cracked a light but luckily managed to find the glass
The blue Audi 200 20V caught at speed in a fast right-hander Strapped in and sitting put on the Döttinger Höher Gert Sterner awaits another lap
These guys were at the Ring for the first time and filmed Søren Bærholms Audi 200 20V They did a nice couple of laps themselves
A special version of Ringtaxi which does not take as many passengers A pure-bred classic with a lot of participation in races on this very track - Porsche 356
Nice warm evenings with good food and nice company Per Einarsson hustles the Bertone GT through Hatzenbach with Gert Sterner as passenger
God damned it is a tough job to drive the North Loop Not seen so often the BMW Z8 Roadster makes a nice sound - and looks equally good
After 11 laps the black Alfa Romeo 145Q of Gert Sterner made a terrible shaking noise We headed for www.rent4ring.de in Adenau once again and spotted an almost bust R-tire - Lucky Sterner
The OGP is almost flowing over with car-clubs and the biggest is Porsche - they brought the Panamera ... Homewards bound with Bærholm heading south and Sterner-Einarsson heading north - here in Hamburg
As always a nice stop at Mcdonald's in Haderslev Two dudes satisfied ...