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Club Alfa Romeo Sweden - Trackday

28. juni 2009

Gert Sterner went on one of his walk-abouts to swedish Ring Knutstorp, and it all ended up in agony, when he burned a main bearing in the 2-litre Alfa Romeo 145Q.

He didn't drive more than a few laps before the engine emitted a strange sound while he was aligning the car for the fast main straigth.

The car was repaired by an engine-swap at the Alfaspecialisten workshop of Histiric racer Herluf Jensen.

ITR participants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145 Q 2.0 - best lap 1:23

On the road again - crossing over to Sealand enroute to Sweden Gert Sterner teamed up with the usual suspects; Kenneth Klinge and Christian Norby
The tricky Tändstiften section seen from T1 Kenneth Klinge in his trusty Alfa Romeo 156
Christian Norby dives the Alfa Romeo 155 into another bend Christian Norby with a yellow Lotus in the background
An STCC Alfa Romeo 156 participated and lapped everybody - very convincingly The swedish CAR Challange sports many different Alfa Romeos in a very competitive field
Peter Dyrelund spins the powerful Alfasud Compressore Gert Sterner burns a main bearing and gets a piggy-back ride home

Herluf Alfaspecialisten Jensen fixes the black 145Q and invites Gert Sterner and Claus Larsen to collect the car
Claus Larsen in his newly purchased Alfa Romeo 146 while escorting the 145Q back home to Odense
Claus Larsen and Gert Sterner do the ITR thing - nice cars and good eating
A satisfied man following a couple of weeks without a ride - ready for new adventures