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Multi-car-club trackday

5-6 may 2009

The main purpose of this trackday - the first Nürburgring event of 2009 - was to bring the Audi 200 20V and the Alfa Romeo 166 3-litre to the Nordschleife. The Scuderia didn't quite succeed, because the Audi suffered a burnt turbo, and had to return on a limp to the Scuderia Garages in Denmark.

But Gert Sterner was there - as expected - in the black Alfa Romeo 145Q. This time on Toyo 888 R-tires, and he fair and square tied with the 230 bhp Alfa leviathan. Racing semi-slicks have definetly shown their worth.

The event was supporting this spring's Scuderia Hanseat Fahrer-Lehrgang, and as usual a bunch of danish petrol-heads met up and had a lot of fun. Michael Ryhl passengered and even tried to hire a Suzuki Swift - of former Norup fame - but had to settle for the right seat in as many cars as possible. The Swifts were all taken that week.
Scuderia Participants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145 Q - best lap time 9:27 BTG

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 24V - best lap time 9:30 BTG

Søren Bærholm - Audi 200 20V - did not participate

Michael Ryhl - passenger and video filming

The team manager arrives at the Scuderia works and loads race-stuff into the Alfa Romeo 166 Alfa Romeo 166, Audi 200 and Alfa Romeo 145 lined up in the rain on departure from Denmark
The very elegant and powerful Audi Quattro at rest at a Shell station en-route to the ring Søren Bærholm has located a fault in the turbo-charger and prepares for a slow journey home
Søren Bærholm calls the Turbo-retrofit company for instructions before leaving the redders at Osnabrück The Alfa Romeos - arrived at Petrol-ED in the afternoon and ready for the first laps in the rain
The rain tricked some ringers like this Ukrainian Ferraristo who bashed in the rear of his F430 The survival is celebrated with the other danes at Pistenklause restaurant in the evening
The famous team manager sleeps tight early in the morning at Gasthaus Gilles in Müllenbach Gert Sterner holds up his Ring-card while Per Einarsson browses the ring sickers at Petrol-ED
The black Alfa Romeo 145Q of Gert Sterner caught on camera in Hatzenbach The elegant Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 of Per Einarsson in the same section
The sound machine gets a tattoo on the right buttock Christian Norby hitches a hike around the ring with Gert Sterner in the ITR Alfa Romeo 145Q
Christian Norby tries the route himself in his blue Alfa Romeo 155 TS Kenneth Klinge in the smoothly driven Alfa Romeo 156 TS at Quiddelbacher Höhe
A front-grille that signals 'move over' is the Ring-Mini with Honda power-train Stefan Svastrup in the brutal Alfa Romeo 156 GTA negotiates the bumpy Karussell
One of many Ferrari 430's An Enzo-engined 599 GT Berlinetta shoots out of the Karussell
Christian Lysholm is a true ring-hero and drove his very potent Porsche 993 until it suffered gear-damage Lars Nissen in his beautiful Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 on a fast lap
A Corvette in the Karusell ditch One of two Ford GT's takes to the track and flies over Quiddelbacher Höhe in fine style
Peter Dyrelund in the nimble-and-powerful supercharged Alfa Romeo Alfasud with a passenger Elvi Nissen in the cute Lancia Ypsilon came along with her brother and really enjoyed the experience
A crashed-out BMW is collected by the Abschleppdienst An ambulance was sent for when a Porsche crashed late in the afternoon
Beamer-race through the Karussell Stefan Svastrup's Alfa Romeo 156 GTA gets fancy dress company in the paddock
The Alfa Romeo 156 TS of Kenneth Klinge parked among vivid-livery sports racers Unlike previous years this year saw quite a few Mercedes high-power sportscars
The Rally-plaque from the ITR Bertone GT is still in place in the control office The ringers takes a pizza-break in Adenau and checks out video
Gert Sterner tries in vain to establish the condition of his brake pads The Alfa Romeo 145Q is taken to Ron Simon's RSR workshop for retrofitting of front pads
Thank god - the inner pads where all gone For the home journey Kenneth Klinge and Christian Norby joined the ITR caravan
The Alfa Romeo 166 streches it's long slim legs and maxes out at 250 kph on the Autobahn Hogh tech ice cream softener
Farewell-eat at Macdougals as usual ...