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100th anniversary Gocart trackday

18. april 2009

This was the 100th participation by a redder in a trackday since the team started back in 2003. It was decided among the bosses that it was to be a gocart trackday, in order to have as many participate as possible. But - alas - circumstances are what they are, and the financial crisis, childbirth and such events decimated the ranks from 10 to 6 ready redders.

But the competition was contacted and Gulf racing (known from many a Simrace dicing) sent their star-drivers brian Jørgensen and Kristoffer Nielsen, and we must admit they did well.

The reallife road-driving was augmented with very satisfying drives in the scenic countryside in as many cars as possible.
New helmets lined up for all sizes of heads The redders lined up among the competition from Gulf Racing
The field is off on the first race Claus larsen with a camera mounted on top of his own helmet
Claus larsen and Claus Olesen talks between races while waiting for the rest to line up Small nimble cart - very fun to drive
The team manager in a smooth drift through turn 1 A very tricky hairpin which could be cut all kinds of ways
Per Einarsson and Michael Ryhl are all excited after the races Søren Bærholm, Anton Norup, Claus Olesen and (behind) Claus Larsen discuss the merits
The scuderia cars lined up at the seaside in sunny weather after the gocart trackday Søren Bærholm, Claus Larsen and Michael Ryhl took the scenic way home to Funen