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Spettacolo Sportivo

30. august 2008

Scuderia co-founder Gert Sterner surprised everybody by touring alone to Holland for the annual SCARB Alfa Romeo meeting. This year the Spettacolo Sportivo was held at the northern TT circuit of Assen, often used for Motorcycle Grand Prix racing. The weather was fabulous and the turn-out of cars was truely overwhelming.

Says Sterner: 'I succeeded in balancing the car round the track, because I overtook everybody, even cars with a better power/weight ratio than mine. It's easy to drive and I never feel unsafe'.

Quite a few Danes participated; I met with some down there, but was accompanied by Peter Dyrelund for the journey. He had opted for the white compressor-tuned 180 bhp Alfasud. He brought with him Dennis Johannesen, who'd let his Alfa 147 behind back in Denmark. We bunked in rented cabins in the nearby park. The cabins were rented by Peter's Dutch and German friends, and everybody partied hard.

'Although I really like Zandvoort, I would very much like to return to Assen', said Sterner afterwards, 'It was indeed a spectacular experience in the sun; a wonderful summer trip'.

Team entrants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145 Q
Best lap time 2:25.05
Very stylish flags mark the 916-series GTV and Spider parking area The Alfasud of Peter Dyrelund sits amidst an ocean of Alfa Romeos
Alfa Romeo brought the new Mito mini-car for some show and tell An interesting car with all the charm and heritage of Alfa Romeo
Gert Sterner's black Alfa Romeo 145Q waits for some action in the paddock Peter Dyrelund won a price for best tuning project for the 180 bhp compressor-fed boxer
The 145Q in a tight turn closely followed by another dane in a GTV6 Full speed through the chicane
A very stylish Touring of Milan bodied 8C2300 goes into circulation on the track Pininfarina and Touring examples of the post-war 6C2500 Berlinetta
A very female Alfa Romeo 145 With a suiting interior
Three Otto Chi Competizione sportscars turned up for som spectacle Nice sound and fabulous sight
Alfa Romeo 33 sport limousines as previously driven by Gert Sterner at many trackday events A race-prepped Alfa Romeo SZ 3-litre
Going in style with the hood down is a Touring bodied 2600 Spider A very seldom sight was a low and sleek Tubolare Zagato TZ-2
Unlucky bastard wreckedhis hot Giulia Armco impressions looks expensive
One of more than 100 Bertone Alfas from the dutch Register A quite heavy Tourer body on a 6C1900 chassis
Boxer-engined formula junior racer from the Italian 1990's rookie championship Nothing rookie about 3-litre V12 of Alfa Fomeo Formula 1 Autodelta team
Record atempt - most Alfas on the same track Beating the previous record from Kyalami earlier in 2008