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28. june 2008

Gert Sterner and team manager Per Einarsson registred for participance at the annual SpaITALIA at Spa Francorchamps as soon as the date was made public. And because Spa is very near to the Nürburgring - it was decided to combine a trip Nurby-Spa.

Over the weekend there was a phenomenal Oldtimer Festival at the GP circuit. Motorcycles and cars even had a one-hour event at the North-loop saturday morning - which was tremendous fun to watch at the Breidscheid bend in Adenau.

Anton Norup had arranged a lease of the previously no-show Suzuki Swift at rent4ring.de and this time it did materialize; much to the delight of Norup, who used maximum time on the tarmac.

Team entrants:

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)
Best lap time 10.07

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145Q (1996)
Best lap time 9:40

Anton Norup - Suzuki Swift (2008)
Best lap time 9:58

Søren Bærholm - passenger and Photography
The black Alfa Romeo 145Q of Gert Sterner is prepared for the trip at the Scuderia workshop
Refueling the cars en-route to Nürburg Søren Bærholm and Anton Norup streches their legs at a German Autobahn Tanstelle
The blue Alfa Romeo Bertone GT of Per Einarsson developed a fuel leak which had to be repaired
Anton Norup, Søren Bærholm and Per Einarsson watching Oldtimer Road Racing on the GP circuit
The paddock area was buzzing and roaring with all kinds of two- and fourwheeled vehicles
A benelli racer prepares for braking at the end of the main straight in front of the grandstands
Søren Bærholm admires a Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica - the factory almost-real-thing
Per Einarsson photographs a beautiful Benelli drum-braked racer
Gert Sterner, Per Einarsson and Anton Norup enjoys lunch with the best possible view - and sound
Line-up of Formula Junior racers before a race on the GP circuit
Three German wonders caught in one single frame
A picture of the magnitude of Nurburgring racing shown by the sheer number of NSU TTS racers for the classic series
We stayed at a bed & breakfast in Müllenbach with the Gast family
Crowded paddock on the nord-loop
Show extreme caution at the Nürburging North-loop
Gert Sterner in a determinded pose while tackling he tricky bends and bumps of the famous race track
Two generations of italian sportscars - the Bertone GT of Per Einarsson and a brand-new Lamborghini Gallado
The town of Nürburg was swarmed with Corvettes from a Finnish car club on tour to the North-loop
Anton Norup collects his Suzuki Swift at rent4ring.de
Søren Bærholm regrets that he didn't bring a car after going for a lap with Anton Norup in the nimble Suzuki Swift
Gert Sterner turns in for the tight Wehrseifen left-right esses during one of his fast stints in the Alfa Romeo 145Q
Per Einarsson snakes the Bertone GT around Hatzenbach with a quite satisfied Søren Bærholm in the passenger seat
Anton Norup concentrates on the optimal apex in the Suzuki Swift while negotiating the Hatzenbach section
Per Einarsson, Søren Bærholm and Gert Sterner talks with fellow Alfisti Peter Kolding whom we met in his Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
Christian Lysholm and his newly acquired Porsche 993 Turbo in which everybody got a ride - very exciting indeed!
The track was closed for a few short periods during the day - but this BMW crash lasted almost three hours to sweep up
Per Einarsson returns from another stint and takes the car for a cooling trip down the road
Søren Bærholm saw a few Audis of older heritage - some with grunt like this model 90 with an engine similar to Bærholms 200 quattro
Anton Norup caught in photograph by a ring-side photographer
Gert Sterner returns to the paddock with team manager Per Einarsson in the passenger seat
Anton Norup returns to the paddock in the Suzuki Swift
Before going on to Belgium in the evening the team enjoyed a cold Kölsch in Müllenbach