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4. may 2008

Gert Sterner, Anton Norup and team manager Per Einarsson took off from Denmark after meeting in Odense for preparation. This time the cameras where built-in before departure and the two cars were toptrimmed.

Anton Norup had arranged for the hire of a Suzuki Swift at the recently opened rent4ring.de in Adenau. A 120 bhp race-prepared car - all was laid ready for some out and out racing.

Team entrants:

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)
Best lap time 9:36

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145Q (1996)
Best lap time 9:37

Anton Norup - VW Golf GTi 16V (??)
Best lap time 9:39
Per Einarsson prepares the Alfa Romeo Bertone GT after picking it up at the Scuderia workshop where it had recieved four-pot race brakes
Very small camera mount under the ceiling at the B-pillar conceils a Sony video camera perfectly while still giving a good view
Gert Sterner has installed three bullet-cameras inside and outside the car with a built-in mixer and harddisk drive for in-car editing
Anton Norup, Per Einarsson and Gert Sterner ready for departure from Odense in two cars
Alfa Romeo 145 Q in full sprint on the german autobahn
The Alfa Romeo 145 Q seen from the blue Bertone GT
The trip south went quiet (well not exactly) but easy cruising at a comfortable 5000 rpm in top gear giving a 180 km/h
Both cars fed well by wonderfully efficient 100 octane petrol
Arrival in the afternoon at Gasthof Gilles in Müllenbach where the owner turned out to be an alfista driving an Alfa Romeo 166 - his son had an 916 series GTV
Gert Sterner and Anton Norup takes iPhone and GPS in use while searching for Rent4ring.de the company where Anton should pick up a Suzuki Swift - hint: it's right behind them
The medieval castle of Nürburg which has given its name to the town and the race track can be seen from many angles around the countryside
The team went for a walk around the track along the Schwedenkreuz, Wippermann, Wehrseifen and Hatzenbach sectors - very interesting
Müllenbach where we stayed is the southernmost end of the old Südschleife and we managed to find a strecht of original tarmac
And Gert Sterner obviously lept at the chance to try out an uphill stretch in the Alfa Romeo 145 Q
While walking through Hatzenbach we identified a strecht of tarmac of the pre-1967 track from before the Hohenrain chicane was built - Anorac stuff
Friday and Saturday the track was closed for the annual Scuderia Hanseat Fahrer Lehrgang and we enjoyed the opportunity to watch and learn
Scuderia Hanseat final test run - Alfa Romeo 156 2,5 V6
Scuderia Hanseat final test run - Alfa Romeo 156 2,0 TS
Scuderia Hanseat final test run - Alfa Romeo 156 2,0 TS
Scuderia Hanseat final test run - Porsche 911 S
Hohe Acht as seen from behind the gates that close off the Steilstrecke
One of two paticipating Audi V8 based prototype-like car with a lot of turbos - and a lot of grunt
Walking 80 meters elevation at 33% up the Steilstrecke was quite exhausting
Walking out into the karusell is a very strange experience with cars zooming by left and right
Sunday morning we turned up at rent4ring.de very early to pick up a VW Golf GTi 16V - a substitute for the Suzuki Swift which didn't materialize
The guys at rent4ring.de did a tremendous job in getting hold of and preparing the car in time
A bullet-camera is moved to the extreme front of Gert Sterner's Alfa Romeo 145 Q in order to catch more dramatic footage
Early morning Anton Norup and Per Einarsson waiting for the barriers to rise and traffic to commence
The blue Alfa Romeo Bertone GT of Per Einarsson rolls through the paddock area
And lines up for the first lap
The black Alfa Romeo 145 Q of Gert Sterner rolls through the paddock area
And lines up for the first lap - with Anton Norup in the passenger seat
The rent4ring.de VW Golf GTi 16V was by far the fastest car - here seen during a testrun by one of the mechanics from the company
And here Anton Norup is snaking through Hatzenbach at extremely high speed
The Alfa Romeo Bertone GT is very noisy and attracts the attention of all the photographers around the track
So there are always plenty of internet shots available after a trip to the Nürburgring
The Alfa Romeo 145 Q went as a furious hornet around the valleys of Adenau county
Diving over the crest of another downhill bend on a balanced throttle
Returning to the paddock after almost 10 minutes in the Green Hell
A very exciting experience indeed
Going for more petrol Anton Norup is following the team manager closely
The VW Golf GTi 16V couldn't quite take the strain laid upon it by Anton Norup while following the two Alfa Romeos - so the car was given back to rent4ring.de
The old Alfa was left behind in the paddock while the drivers drove to Adenau for some pizza
Pizzeria e gelateria Giulia lies just under the Breidscheid bend and you can hear the cars and smell the brakes and oil while enjoying a pizza
Fuel for the pilgrims - coke from a glass bottle - rare these days
Anton Norup relaxes in the hills above Breidscheid and gets used to the idea of only passengering for the rest of the weekend
Discussing the state of the track with Lars Nissen and Peter Kolding of the danish Alfa Romeo Owner's Club
The three cars gathers in the back paddocks after a double-stint where both Alfa Romeos really struggled to keep up with Anton Norup in the VW Golf GTi 16V
Some of the cars in the paddock - Aston Martin Vantage V12
Some of the cars in the paddock - Lotus Exige Turbo
Some of the cars in the paddock - Noble GTO
Some of the cars in the paddock - Honda NSX
Some of the cars in the paddock - Opel Kadett C (damned fast)
Some of the cars in the paddock - Ferrari 348 in front of the very fast Alfa Romeo 33 1,7 16V of Thomas Hoffensetz
Some of the cars in the paddock - AC Cobra replica
Some of the cars in the paddock - Mitsubishi Evo
Some of the cars in the paddock - Ariel Atom
Some of the cars in the paddock - Bentley Vintage racer
In the very last minutes of the day a special prototype arrived with helicopter support and the lot - for some filming around the closed north loop
A Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR (recreation?) was taken around the track by a mature gentleman and his woman - very stylish
Another interesting old-school view was the loop-long battle between this BMW 1602
And this Alfa Romeo GT - just like in the old days - and obviously the drivers met afterwards for some bad excuses ...
On his last lap Gert Sterner used the very last layer of brake lining on the front brake pads
So we had to go easy on the way home until we found a Fiat-alfa workshop near Koblenz - nice people!
While waiting for the repair Anton Norup virtually fell in love with the new Fiat 500 on display
Not quite as lavish as a Maserati Quattroporte though - english car spotted at he Nürburgring with smoking brakes - good style!
Anton Norup and Gert Sterner in front of the Berghotel Hohe Acht - the view is breathtaking but not visible in this picture - alas
But the show goes on ... and on and on and on
Gert Sterner goes through the little karrusell at Schwalbenschwanz in the Alfa Romeo 145 Q
Per Einarsson accelerates away from the apex at Steilstreckenkurve in the Alfa Romeo Bertone GT
A dutch VW Touareq must keep right and let Per Einarsson overtake while leaving the twity Hatzenbach section
Anton Norup maneouvres the fast Golf GTi round Steilstreckenkurve
The beautiful Alfa Romeo Alfasud ti of Peter Dyrelund in the paddock
Peter Dyrelund is an instructor in the bi-annual Scuderia Hanseat Nordschleife Lehrgang and a lot of people signed up for a demonstration round
Per Einarsson caught by a ringside photographer in the Hatzenbach section
The Alfa Romeo Bertone GT brking hard for the first left corner leading down to Hatzenbach