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Annual ITR trip

12. october 2007

Gert Sterner and team manager Per Einarsson took off from Denmark with a three-day warning when the weekend weather-forecast gave some promise of sun at Nürburg and there-abouts. This would mean dry tarmac on the North Loop and possibly a lot of petrolheads gathering for a last outing at the ring this summer.

The rest of the gang had to stay behind but that didn't stop the dynamic duo from having a tremendous time doing eight laps each ... which is just about right for any normal dude

Team entrants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145Q (1996)
Best lap time 10:03

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)
Best lap time 10:03
The two cars and their drivers taking a rest at a german pit-stop joint on the Autobahn Per Einarsson and Gert Sterner eager redders on their way to the Mekka of trackday'ing
The Alfa Romeo Bertone GT takes in some much needed Agip petrol
The hot Alfa Romeo 145Q gets some 100 octane petrol from a Shell tank
Rear-view of the Bertone GT as seen from Sterner's 145Q in the Eifel hills The 145Q seen through the classic wing mirror of Einarsson's Bertone GT
In the hills behind Brünnchen Both cars photographed in the early morning
The Brünnchen bends are very popular all through the day A Radical from Holland getting readied for some track-time
The Alfa Romeo 1750 GTAm from the "Nürburgring Legends" DVD A Porsche with a terrible skin rash on the front rear bumper
A BMW 3-series recovering after a spin at Wehrseifen A nice Bertone GT trying to outrun an open Ferrari 430
The Döttinger Höhe gas tank is buzzy all day and people gather there to buy stuff and obviously - gas Taking in a couple of Kölsch beers and some pizza at Pistenklause in the evening
Next morning ready for some action - rise and shine All kinds of vehicles are allowed onto the ring - these vans were a funny interlude of the day
The all-new Audi RS5 spotted in the parking lot at the Döttinger Höhe entry
A very nice AC Cobra raplica in the Brünnchen parking lot among all kinds of hot wheels
We saw a very fast Audi 200 similar to the one ITR member Søren Bærholm is preparing We met Ulrik Hoptrup and his friend who had hired a Caterham just for some fun at the ring
The team manager photographed in the Hatzenbach section right on the limit of tyre grip The Bertone GT resting in the parking lot after eight laps on the ring
Per Einarsson getting ready for the home trip Gert Sterner has some Dr. Pepper anti-dote
Caught in one of meny pile-ups on the german freeway Finally getting some air under the wings