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FDM Formula Event

24. august 2007

Anton Norup participated in the FDM Race Day at Jyllandsringen on a typical
danish summerday with lots of rain of varying strength.

'Really a sensibly planned event - with two of each type cars for a total of 16 participants, the waiting was agreeable' says Norup. 'We drove the old short Jyllandringen track - ok for me because I recon it as the "right" track'.
The 16 drivers started out with a thorough instruction for race line and break points by following an instructor car as ducklings following the mother duck.

Actually a very very thorough instruction. Says Norup: 'After 23 laps at snail pace I think even the dumbest dunce got the idea. We swapped places and the first youtube clip shows my go at following the instructor'.
The video shows a 1:40 for a lap. According to the GPS the fastest lap was 1:36 at a mean speed of 87 km/h - wow. 'Even though we went quite slow I wouldn't have liked to take any corners much faster due to the poor condition of my tires. They are hopless in the wet and were already working hard', admitted the ITR driver.

The GPS logger gave some nice results as long as it was installed in the Punto. You can even see the deviating line from when Norup out-breaked himself at the end of the back stretch, where it was extremely slippery in the rain. 'In the other cars I just carried the logger under the overalls, with the expected result - no valid data'.

Team entrants:

Anton Norup - Fiat Punto, Clio Cup Racer, DTC Toyota Racer, Formula Renault Racer
Best lap time 1:11 (Clio Cup)
Then, surprisingly, the Formula Renault cars were up. The participants got two stint of four laps each including in- and out-laps. During the first stint it rained pretty hard and the biggest challenge was to see the track at all. 'My first time out in a RWD car even without syncro gears posed quite a challenge and the result was a single spin. But I got lucky for the second stint as I came out when the rain stopped' says Norup.

The helmetcam was installed but unfortunately pointed too much downwards. the second youtube clip shows this stint. Now the fun really began! It didn't go very fast but you was able to get a feel of how such a machine corners and how much power it has. 'I am still not acquanted with the gearbox so a missed downchange results in another spin - as can be seen in the video'. A biased timing shows a 1:16 lap time.
Next item on the agenda was a single stint in a Clio Cup racer. 'We were advised not to underestimate it, because it was supposed to be a tricky little devil' smiles Norup. 'I guess they are right - it is not a sublime racer, but huge fun though'.

The cars were from the present Cup series and the only detuning was a Coca Cola can over the exhaust pipe. The sequential gear change was very cool to try - and wow it works!

The drivers were asked to change early in order to awoid dire consequences from operation errors. The time was 1:11 and the smile was the widest of the day. The last video is from this stint.
The last car we were allowed to try was a DTC racer - or that is what they alled it. It was a special-built Toyota but not exacty what you would expect for a DTC-spec car. But the suspension was really good so the roadholding was extremely convincing.

The gearbox whas plain standard and easy to operate - but it seemed rather random which gear you would get when changing. So the revs were kept low to avoid risk of over-revving if you caught a wrong gear. And revs were exactly what this quite heavy box needed so the pace was somewhat down - 1:12 one second slower than the Clio. The video was not very exciting.
In the end each driver got a hot-lap in the passenger seat of a Peugeot 207 Spyder. Norup tells: 'I knew nothing about this car and reconned it was some kind of styled convertible. But when you peeked under the skin of this car it

was evident that this was a serious machine - and so was the pace! It was fun to try although the smile stiffened a bit when the driver had to catch a serious drift in the last corner'.

All in all a very cool and educational day. You got acquainted with some cars you would otherwise never get near. 'It was short and blunt and other than the Clio we didn't really get a chance to get under the skin of the cars and learn their ways' concludes an otherwise satisfied Anton Norup.