Ring Djursland home

14. august 2007

The fabulous trackdayklub.dk organised a very promising trackday at Ring Djursland. It is virtually impossible to get access to the twisty tarmac of this wonderful racetrack for road cars, so Anton Norup, Gert Sterner and team manager Per Einarsson were among the first to secure tickets.

The owners of the track - and especially the surrounding neighbours - did however put an early end the day when driving was halted after only 20 minutes due to noise levels.

Anton Norup - Fiat Punto 1.2 S
Best lap time ??

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145 Q
Best lap time ??

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce
Best lap time ??

Søren Bærholm - pit crew

Simon Nielsen - pit crew
Per Einarsson, Anton Norup prepares for driving while Simon Nielsen relaxes in front of his Clio Søren Bærholm examines his camara while Gert Sterner, Per Einarsson and Anton Norup talks
Gert Sterner drives his newly painted and bewheeled Alfa Romeo 145 Q around paddock corner The capo turns the lively bertone GT in for the same corner followed by a Subaru Impreza
Some Alfa Romeo Club fellows discusses the newly tweaked Bertone engine with Per Einarsson Talking heads; Per Einarsson and Simon Nielsen
The Blue Alfa Romeo Bertone GT resting in the paddock The newly fitted rollcage is clearly visible in this shot
Anton Norup prepares for another lap coming out of the pit-straight bend The blue Fiat Punto negotiates the paddock turn very aggresively
Gert Sterner points the stylish Alfa Romeo 145Q for the downhill Woods section Per Einarsson roars past the paddock while gaining speed on the dusty track
With the attention-lid open a crowd always gathers quite quickly Anton Norup in relaxed style focussing on the apex