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Club Alfa Romeo (CAR) Sweden

1. July 2007

Photography by Anni Hansen and the team

Gert Sterner prompted a small group of ITR drivers to attend the july CAR meeting at Sturup Raceway.

Anton Norup had tweeked the suspension of his Fiat Punto S by exchanging the stock undercarriage with Novitec springs and dampers; the brakes having been substituted for items of similar origin a month earlier.

Per Einarsson, newly returned from Spa Francorchamps, was also looking forward to giving the Bertone GT a thrashing on the undulating circuit.

Some spectacular videos were fabricated and the day went extremely well.

Team entrants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145Q (1996)
Best lap time 1:21.84

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)
Best lap time 1:22.86

Anton Norup - Fiat Punto 75 S (1996)
Best lap time 1:27.70
The track - with unofficial ITR names for the bends
Capo, Per Einarsson, Anton Norup and Gert Sterner at Knutstorp on saturday before the trackday at Sturup Anton Norup in the Punto follows Gert Sterner's Alfa Romeo 145Q
Taking a rest on the swedish highways while cruising near Knutstorp
Klaus Hahn usually teams up with the ITR drivers when ever we meet at trackdays
A well preserved Alfa Romeo Alfetta - a very rare sight these days
Anton Norup and per Einarsson on the hills alongside the main straight at Ring Knutstorp
A quite noisy Alfa Romeo 164 V6 in the swedish CAR championship
Finally saturday! And the ITR cars are first in line at the gates of Sturup Raceway early in the morning
The Boss of all Bosses relaxes in the low sun while waiting at the gates
The blue Bertone GT of Per Einarsson shows some ass
Once inside and with scrutineering done, Anton Norup takes a rest in the ITR paddock area
Anton Norup has rigged his camera with a bracket clamped onto the passenger seat
The trunks are emptied in order to lighten the cars and to prevent stuff flying around inside the cars
Per Einarsson about to modify the camera angle on his seat-mounted bracket
Another Bertone GT - this one has a 185 bhp Twin Spark engine
A very fast Alfa Romeo 156 GTA takes turn 1 rather briskly
Gert Sterner's Alfa Romeo 145Q rolls up the pitlane and queues up for another stint
Anton Norup follows suit in the blue Fiat Punto S
The ITR paddock area - Bertone GT, Punto S and 145Q
The B-class waiting for entry onto the twisty tarmac
The Bertone GT on the back stretch leading through the Kink onto the Hammerhead
Thundering down the back straight after coming out of the Big Bend
Gert Sterner is closely shadowed by the team manager
All three cars in succession going past the pits
Klaus Hahn on full throttle down the main straight Going round the Lake
The first serious outing of the Bertone GT after the latest engine tweeks - Klaus Hahn's Giulia behind Waiting for another go in front of a similar car
Gert Sterner is ready for another stint in the black Alfa Romeo 145Q Anton Norup in the open face helmet waits for Gert Sterner to roll onto the track
Per Einarsson waves at photographer Anni Hansen before growling onto another stint The 2-litre Alfa Romeo engine puffs a cloud of oily smoke after pulling 7000 rpm onto turn 1
The blue Bertone GT sandwiched between the Punto and the Alfa 145Q Per Einarsson recovers after spinning in T1 after braking too late and oversteering