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Gentlemen Racing Club

31. march 2007

The GRC (Gentlemen Racing Club) was instigated last year as an upper-crust trackday club with a european view on things. They don't settle for small venues at local traffic-school "Mickey Mouse" tracks, but big-time and gather very fast machinery on track like Spa Francorchamps and the Nürburgring GP circuit.

Team ITR japster, Morten Stjernholm, turned up in his Evo 8 and shook the establishment. He even made a video for the danish car mag "NOB, News About Cars", enjoy ...

Team entrants:

Morten Stjernholm - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 (2005)
Best lap time ??
Early morning on a beautiful day in Sweden Mercedes-McLaren SLR super coupe in the paddock
BMW racer on the track Lancia Delta Integrale owned by an eager trackday driver
Agile and beautiful Lotus fixed head Elise Morten Stjernholm follows a camera car
Unloading of a Ferrari 355 from a trailer Hot brakes and relaxed contemplating in the pit lane
Two Ferrari F430 hounding each other on the undulating tarmac Subaru Impreza WRC Petter Solberg edition waiting in the paddock alongside a Ferrari F439
Opel race car getting ready for some actiob Porsche 911 are formiddable trackday cars
Engine noise at Knutstorp always attracts eager spectators on exciting cars A powerful 911 pulls out of the hairpin
An Evo chasing a Porsche over the Tändstiften righthander A Salleen road car
Two cars zooming down the main straight Two different philosophies in car design - but equal outcomes
An Audi A6 Avant spins in the dip before the main straight Morten Stjernholm outperformed many a red supercar in the very efficient Evo 8
Line-up of red Ferraris in the paddock A replica Ford GT40 diving into the dip
Shreeking wankel turbine kicking up dirt while trying to avoid a spin Caterham Sevens are built for track driving