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14. january 2007

Morten Stjerholm's fabulous has spawned initiative among the members. This weekend a winter outing was offered for a fast and furious few. Twentyfive cars gathered for a wet-and-dry day in stormy Skåne Län.

Morten Stjernholm - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 (2005)
Best lap time ??

Ever-storming Stjernholm aims for another bend in the turbo-charged jap Four-wheel drift by four-whell drive and a lot of roaring of exhaust and squeeling of tires
A wonderful Porsche 911 Carrerra S Audi Avant family container turns trackday devil
Morten Stjernholm has sold his long-and-well serving Alfa Romeo 156 to his friend Torben The phantom black 156 got the usual thrashing
A bavarian quattroporte negotiates another hairpin much to the joy of the driver It doesn't much more hardcore than a Caterham in the winter wind
Maserati Bi-turbo tries to outrun a modern Wolfburger The Golf R32 has all the newest VW can offer in hi-tech and hi-power
A hot Impreza is a sign of good and thorough usage of the equipment One entrant just had to take his Mazda pick-up truck on the track
A bully Lancia Delta Integrale looks brutal even while immobile But on the move the picture is augmented by the glorious sound of turin turbo power
An everlasting classic at trackdays - the Peugeot 205 A Peugeot 306 is also a nice handling trackday car