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23. october 2006

As a very weel prepared finale for a busy trackday season, Morten Stjernholm of ITR and fame gathered a full paddock of hopeful racer-wannabes in the early morning rain of an october manday.

Besides Morten Stjernholm, who brought two cars; his Lancer Evo 8 and the black Alfa 156, ITR also sent Gert Sterner in the Alfa 145Q and Anton Norup in the blue Fiat Punto.

The weather turned from pooring rain into nice autumn chill via a light drizzle, so everybody were able to try their cars in almost all kinds of conditions.

ITR participants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145 Q (1996)
Best lap time 1:20.63

Morten Stjernholm - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 (2006) and Alfa Romeo 156 TS (??)
Best lap time ??

Anton Norup - Fiat Punto S (1996)
Best lap time 1:26

(Fastest lap of the day: no official timing)

The driver's briefing only just held the mob while a camera crew filmed the early morning meeting Morten Stjernholm explains the do's and dont's of the very fast track
Anton Norup ready at the blue Punto in the crammed paddock area Norup in action in the follow-through double left after the long main stretch
Somebody brought a flatbed transporter; very foresightful and a good thing to have at a trackday Everybody looking forward to an exciting day
Many of the drivers brought some quite expensive machinery Morten Stjernholm discusses a technical detail with a Maserati-driver
Gert Sterners 145 Q was somewhat ecclipsed by a german who brought a 145 GTA The 145 GTA is an ordinary 145 Q with a few important tweaks to the suspension and brakes
The 145 GTA indeed has a 3.2-litre GTA engine shoohorned into the front The german Alfa Romeo enthusiast diving into the pit complex with Gert Sterner's DV-cam mounted
A late series Mazda RX7 is a car you don¨t see every day Alfa Romeo 147 in a very dynamic turn just before the power is applied
Alfa Romeo 155 is a very agile and compact machine Alfa Romeo 156 GTA with all the external tweaks and streaks
A sleek Alfa Romeo 156 braking into the horseshoe at the pit-exit A wonderful Maserati biturbo, must be quite a handful in the rain
A BMW M5 tiptoes round the double-left T1 A Toyota Corolla RWD in the same spot using another technique altogether
A nice white Coupé Fiat on export reg plates Morten Stjernholm in a wonderful drift through the pit complex in the superb Evo 8
Relaxing inside the paddock building Mazda MX-5a always turn up in large numbers because they are exciting track cars
Morten Stjernholm's pal Torben drives this Yokohama Cup Alfa Romeo 156 Awesome performance even in the rain
A car-load of shaken newbies gets a purposeful demonstration run by Morten stjerholm Another passenger drops into the Evo 8
Tell-tale of Anton Norup's driving on the edge in the Punto S which is not so powerful but very nimble The track-team executed the venue with usual bravour
The serious end of a Maserati Ghible Cup And this is what it looks like from the outside
Lancia Delta Integrales never quite live up to the performance of Imprezas and Evos ... but they look and sound good, and people love them for their mystique
A brutal Volkswagen Golf R32 Elegant power pack; an alfa Romeo GT 3.2
Morten Stjernholm a Chief Trackday Officer mingles in the pitlane A very fast Alfa Romeo Sud was able to outpace most of the moderns
Lunch break Sausages galore
The awesome Subaru Imprexza of Lars Kruuse as always full of scared passengers Morten Stjernholm and Lars Kruuse briefing the crowd