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26. september 2006

Anton Norup went to Sweden for an after-work trackday arranged by the danish Track Club Denmark.

"Aaah, what a spendid way to spend the last summer day", said the enthusiastic ITR veteran afterwards. "Despite a threatening weather forecast, I could enjoy the sunset from behind the wheel at Sturup". Anton Norup drove the track for the first time, after having watched team mates driving there on several ocations.

Anton Norup - Fiat Punto S 1.2 (1996)
Best lap time 1:28.2
Anton Norup in the Fiat Punto drove determined and managed some terrific lap times in the Turin Mini A fabulous Aston Martin DB 4 - it wasn't saved but and was actually driven on the limit
A 49-years old Porsche Speedster A BMW 3-series family saloon drifting through one of the many tight turns