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26. july 2006

ITR-man Morten Stjernholm swiftly gathered a 70-car strong field of road and track vehicles for a hot and humid trackday at the wonderful swedish race track Knutstorp.

As this track quickly has grown into an ITR favourite, it was decided to send a pack of wolves: Gert Sterner in his aggresive Alfa Romeo 145Q and team manager Per Einarsson in his elegant Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6 24V.

Anton Norup and Claus Larsen came along with Gert Sterner across the waters to meet with swedish residents Per Einasson and Simon Nielsen. The latter took his Alfa Romeo 147 GTA and was allowed onto the track during the day, but mostly wandered around with his top-notch video equipment in pursuit of exciting footage. We can't wait to see the film!

ITR participants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145 Q (1996)
Best lap time 1:21

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6 24V (1999)
Best lap time 1:24

Morten Stjernholm - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 (2006) and Alfa Romeo 156 TS (??)
Best lap time ??

Simon Nielsen - Alfa Romeo 147 GTA (2005)
Best lap time ??

Anton Norup - Alfa Romeo 145 Q (1996)
Best lap time ??

Claus Larsen - Pit crew

(Fastest lap of the day: no official timing)

Claus Larsen, Per Einarsson, Anton Norup, Simon Nielsen and Gert Sterner the evening before ... Arrival at knutstorp at 8 o'clock, queueing up for registration at the paddock tunnel
Morten Stjernholm checks the cars in After establishing the ITR paddock zone, the crew starts unpacking
The trackday officers with Morten Stjernholm (center) is briefing the assembly of 70-odd drivers From first fall of the green flag the ITR cars are storming the tarmac
Gert Sterner gets himself ready for another stint The black Alfa 145Q hugs an apex in fine style
Gert Sterner arriving at braking zone for Turn 1 Morten Stjernholm shifted between his Mitsubishi Evo and the old trustworthy Alfa Romeo 156 TS
Stjernholm on his way to the 'Tändstiften' (Sparkplug) crest-on-a-righthander Per Einarsson throws the big Alfa Limousine around in the esses leading up th the main straight
Simon Nielsen gathering clips for his documentary 'The thrills and anxieties off a trackdayer' Our neighbour in the paddock was Bjarke in this elegant Alfa Romeo GTV
The first 20 minutes of every hour were reserved for race cars, such as this Ford Escort BDA This swede in his highly tuned and wonderfully built Bertone GT always turns up at trackdays in Sweden
A very sleek Alfa Romeo 155 brakes for Turn 1 at the end of the main straight A low-cost approach to trackdaying in a Daihatsu Charade with slicks and sports seats
One of many supercharged Hondas hisses its way down the straights A VR6 Volkswagen Corrado
FiA-GTC driver Lindberg arrived for some practice in the team trailer with this very fast Lotus Elan ... ... and a very loud and efficient De Tomaso Pantera
There are always a lot of Subaru Imprezas at trackdays - some more subtle than others Peter Kolding left his 156 GTA Novitec at home and here brakes his Alfa Romeo 2.5 V6 for T1
Besides Morten Stjerholm's Lancer Evo there was another participant i one of these family-supercars Per Einarsson checks the oil level of the magnificently howling Alfa Romeo V6 engine
Simon Nielsen and Claus Larsen discussing the handling of the team cars in the hot sun Simon went for a few laps later during the day when the participants thinned out
Morten Stjernholm accelerates the 156 with a busload of passengers on a show-and-tell lap Peugoets are also very popular trackday cars
The team manager and Simon Nielsen (in the background) on video and photo stakeout A malfunctional water pump forced Per Einarsson to go easy on the throttle and shorten the stints.
Morten's pal Torben brought his Yokohama Cup Alfa Romeo 156 2-litre race car for passenger-laps Besides the racing Porsche 911s a few road cars also took the opportunity to use the cars as intended
The team manager hurls the silver Alfa Romeo 166 into turn 1 The trackday was safely and very efficiently marshalled by the Track Team
The ITR team (without the busy Morten Stjernholm) - tired and spent after a day at the races Gert and Claus, going back to Funen over the water in the evening after another exciting day