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26. june 2006

Newly admitted Redder Morten Stjernholm took the initiative to gather petrolheads on Padborg Park after work on a monday. It was in fact the inaugural event in his newly started

The trackday was a tremendous succes with partcipation from all kinds of clubs representing alot of different makes as well. Everybody was very satisfied and Morten Stjerholm got encouraging feedback from several internet communities as well. Gert Sterner participated in his Alfa Romeo 145 Q and Morten Stjernholm took the red Mitsu Evo - much to everybody's amusement as it squeels through every bend whilst pulling hard trhough all four tires.

Go for it, then.

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 145Q (1996)
Best lap time 1:19.56

Morten Stjernholm - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 (2006)
Best lap time ??

Gert Sterner with his Alfa Romeo 145 Q in the grey - but dry - summer afternoon Checking oil and water is very important
Morten Stjernholm welcomes another Alfa 145 at the gates Driver briefing in the auditorium before the driving begins
Part of the paddock area Morten Stjernholm takes a busload of newbies for a shake-and-bake just to show the lines ...
Lotus Sevens always turn up at trackdays The other 145 Q - it was a special edition of some kind
Alfa 156 followed through T1 by an Alfa 147 An Alfa Romeo GTV that we have seen before this year