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25-28. may 2006

Gert Sterner's very unfortunate engine-blow made it necessary to reschedule the event, but everybody got enough opportunities to try out the wonderful twisty tarmac (wet and dry) of the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Simon Nielsen very bravely let Gert, Anton and Claus drive his 147 GTA brute and obviously also circulated for a few laps himself. Per Einarsson took the Bertone GT out for two scary laps in the rain in front of Claus Larsen in the GTA and then again the next day in the dry.

ITR participants:

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 147 GTA (2004)
Best BTG time 9:42

Anton Norup - Alfa Romeo 147 GTA (2004)
Best BTG time 9:43

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)
Best BTG time 10:15

Simon Nielsen - Alfa Romeo 147 GTA (2004)
Best BTG time 12:23

Claus Larsen - Alfa Romeo 147 GTA (2004)
Best BTG time 13:32

Lap time records:

Stefan Bellof - Porsche 956 - 6:11 (BTG 5:50)

Dirk Müller - BMW M3 GTR - 7:12 (BTG 6:50)

The calculated output from Anton Norups GPS logging of current position which was done for several laps. This feature will find its use on future trackdays.
Three previous owners in front of their old car which now is resting among Alfa 75 racers in Döttingen A dutch Ringer came by, parked his Maserati Ghibli Cup and took off in an Alfa Romeo 75 racer
The Team Manager's Bertone GT in the parking lot by Café 'Die Grüne Hölle' The police arrives at the closed ring for another investigation of a crash
One of the two Ring-Taxis at Brünchen at full opposite lock and full throttle An unfortunate british Ferrari 355 owner has made some makeshift repairs with gaffer tape
Morten Stjernholm at Brünnchen in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 making another spectacular pass A beautiful Ferrari 308 GT4 in the hatzenbach section
Breakfast under the roof at Motorsporthotel; Anton, Simon, Per and Claus Claus Larsen and Per Einarsson at Restaurant 'Zur Burg' in the evening with the other participants
Simon Nielsen declares something very clever and Anton Norup agrees Per Einarsson suggesting a position for the ring-logo on the rear hatch of Simon Nielsen's Alfa 147 GTA
Gert Sterner was a very satisfied passenger in the Bertone GT with the Team Manager Over 50 participants gathered for diner on all three evenings - lots of stories to tell