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PKJ - Peugeot Klub Jylland - Multi-club trackday

8. april 2006

Twice every year the Danish Pug Owner's Club invites everybody for a day of clubsport hot-lapping at the old RDAF Vandel Air base. A wonderful track was laid out on the runway and taxiways last year and it still stood when cars began to arrive in the early morning hours.

This was the first outing for the Scuderia cars in 2006 and the weather was downright appalling.

But the season has started for real, and ahead lays a busy season of racing home and abroad.

ITR participants:

Anton Norup - Fiat Punto S

Best (recorded) lap time - 3:01

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 16V

Best (recorded) lap time - 2:56

Per Einarsson - Passenger

Claus Larsen - Passenger

Fastest lap of the day - No timing was done

A Subaru Impreza arrives followed by a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 with 2000 km on the clock Anton Norup arrives from Copenhagen with Claus Larsen in the passenger seat
The Team Manager checks out the cars in the Hangar Early arrival was awarded with a parking spot in-doors in the big hangar
Anton Norup, Claus Larsen and Per Einarsson in front of Gert Sterner's Alfa 33 16V The track was wet all day
Sterner negotiates the last chicane and accelerates for the paddock straight The Alfa had one of the new test-streamers on the rear wing
Norup drifts through a chicane The Punto on full throttle
Per Einarsson in the bush finding a good photo opportunity for the team video Another 33 16V showed up and was unfortunately crashed later during the day
The cars line up for a drifting class on the main runway Drifting class by Impreza guru Lars
Peter Dyrelund, who is an Alfasud specialist, straps himself in for a tryout in Sterner's 33 16V Sterner as passenger with Mr. Alfasud at the wheel
The big hangar and the apron in front served as paddock area A late series Impreza brakes for a chicane
The Honda-guys use any given opportunity to field their buzzy machines A turbo-charged Audi A4 overtakes a pitting Nissan 200SX
The Renault Megane seems to be a nice handling car Peter Dyrelund in his beautifully restored Alfasud
The very impressive and loud Alfasud of Anders Larsen Traction Control car