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Alfa Romeo Owner's Club - Trackday

12. june 2005

This was the second outing for the famous Scuderia ITR this season. And since last time at Roskilde KTI the participants had doubled in numbers.

Simon Nielsen, driving the blood-red Alfa Romeo Spider, and team boss Per Einarsson in his thoroughbred fire-breather Bertone GT, arrived in the grey morning under heavy clouds and a constant drizzle. Said the team manager:"Great! We paid 550 SEK to crash our beautiful machines in the first available armco barrier ..."

That might have been the first thoughts, but after signing up and talking to the other drivers the mood lightened a bit, as did the skies. The first stints were driven on a soaked track ... and it was big fun. Both drivers reported that it was in fact very exciting to try and find the limits of adhesion. It's much easier to unsettle the cars in the wet, and - if the speed is kept at a sensible level - it's also much safer than the extreme speeds it takes in dry conditions.

Timing was not allowed, due to liability and insurance considerations, but by examining the videos it was calculated that at least the team manager circulated at 1:27 or thereabouts (historic racers manage 1:09 to 1:19) ...

ITR participants:

Simon Nielsen - Alfa Romeo Spider TS 16V (1997)

Best lap time ?

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)

Best lap time 1:27

(Fastest lap of the day: ?)

In the paddock before the driver's briefing Shake that booty!
Per Einarsson overtakes a similar car in the hairpin Simon Nielsen drove top-down for tha last stint. Here stalked by the team manager
Heavy braking for T1. Top speeds on the main straight were around 140-150 Kph Before the first stint newbies to the track were allowed a no-helmet easy ride to learn the lines
The sleak spider on the fast straight in the dry ... and in the wet
Simon demanded a helmet-hugging foto taken from the rear to flash his car's "nice ass" Meals on wheels. At the cafeteria
High speed pass at Tändstiften ... don't lift!