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Alfa Romeo Owner's Club - Trackday

7. may 2005

The danish Alfa Romeo Owner's Club has yet again changed the rules for running trackdays. Now timing has been prohibited - just as in all other european countries - in order to avoid liability and insurance issues.

The first event on the 2005-calendar was only attended by a single ITR real-life member; Anton Norup in his newly acquired Fiat Punto. The car is meant to be used at trackdays and Anton Norup has joined the AROC with this sole reason in mind - just as Søren Bærholm did last year!

The car handled very well and the talented simracer was able to balance it round the corners - even with a bit of oversteer in the Volvo-combination. negotiating the tight Lucas bend posed a more challenging task, but the car graduated with satisfaction. The weather changed during the day, presenting both wet and dry conditions for the many drivers that turned up.

Scuderia Into The Red was the cause of some drama when Anton Norup spun at the exit of the Volvo turn, and the car slid backwards/sideways into the sandtrap. Almost at a standstill the car tilted onto its left side and trapped the driver in his seat, belted and bevildered.

Some fellow drivers on the same stint soon got the car upright, and to the astonishment of everybody the car didn't show much physical trauma. A cracked side rear-view mirror housing seemed to be all ... although the driver had gotten a slight cut to his pride, but still a brave lesson learned. Forza ITR!

Other drivers were less lucky as two other cars suffered severe damage at more radical offs ...

ITR participants:

Anton Norup - Fiat Punto 1.2

Best lap time 0:54

A proud Anton Norup with his new acquisition An Alfa Romeo 146 under braking for the Volvo turn
Thomas Hoffensetz in the four-wheel drive Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 It also rained during the trackday
Anton Norup in the Punto immediately after the dramatic spin The rugged little italian didn't show any particular signs of trauma