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Alfa Romeo Owner's Club - Pilgrim tour

24. april 2005

The "Green Hell Bug" has taken a good hold in all ITR members ... real-life as well as simracing, and when anybody invites to a pilgrimage to the Eifel mountains, WE GO!

This spring top-ringer, Peter Dyrelund, of the danish Alfa Romeo Owner's Club came up with the brilliant idea to combine the Scuderia Hanseat driver's course with a super-sunday for danish nurby-lovers.

The plan was to drive south on saturday, check in at a hotel that would hold all participants and drive all day Sunday for the open-track day. Then everybody was free to go home monday or stay for the Scuderia Hanseat event, that would start wednesday and go on until the following sunday.

The Redders met in Odense on friday and drove to Koblenz for some non-automobile culture and in order to calm down before the big day. Simon Nielsen and prospect member Allan Skov joined us from a trip to Paris and Strasbourg in Simons red Alfa 916 Spider. Gert Sterner and Ring-newbie Christian Pedersen rode in the Ring-veteran Alfa 33 16V and Søren Bærholm in his Audi 100, Claus Larsen in his Alfa 155 (also for the first time on the ring) and the team manager Per Einarsson in his Alfa Bertone GT, drove by themselves all the way trough Germany ... but it was big fun!

None of the cars suffered damage or failures. Well, except maybe the Bertone GT which was starved on fuel due to a clogged petrol filter. But it was soon removed and replaced by a bypassing hose.

Despite rainy patches and a few periods with severe downpour, all drivers took to the track with much energy and an eager lust for the twisting and dipping tarmac of the deadly Green Hell.

Upon returning to Denmark rumours immediately started circulating that the trip will be repeated in the comming autumn ... just call, we'll be there!

ITR participants:

Simon Nielsen - Allan Skov - Alfa Romeo Spider TS 16V (1997)

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)

Søren Bærholm - Audi 100 2.3E (1991)

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 16V (1991)

Christian Pedersen - (codriver)

Claus Larsen - Alfa Romeo 155 TS (1992)

GPL-arm at the early-morning rendevouz Per Einarsson forgot his filler cap and had to buy a fit-all plastic emergency gismo
Søren Bærholm's elegant Audi 100 at a german Aral Raststätte Christian Pedersen and Per Einarsson compares Alfas
In Koblenz at a rather ridiculous italian restaurant Søren Bærholm tells a very physical joke
GPL-arm en route in the german spring woods and again ...
Per Einarsson removes the petrol filter from his starving engine The paddock for the VLN langstrecken-pokal race on the North Loop
One Audi roadrunner ready for a lap One Bertone GT ... also ready
Allan Skov and Simon Nielsen arrived in the red Spider from France The Scuderia stayed at the Motor Sport Hotel
All the petrolheads who participated in the pilgrimage Gert Sterner recieves the Grande Prix and is delighted ... not
Gert Sterner at Pflanzgarten in the Alfa Romeo 33 16V Per Einarsson returns from a lap
Simon, Per, Christian and Claus on stake-out at Pflanzgarten Simon Nielsen in the Spider TS 16V
Claus Larsen readies the Alfa Romeo 155 TS for another lap Søren Bærholm turning in after the jump at Pflanzgarten
Søren Bærholm kept blabbering on about a dream car in a parking lot somewhere Per Einarsson at Pflanzgarten
Simon and Allan brought some Vin Alsacienne to the joy of everybody ... santé Debriefing after everybody has left the parking lot (paddock)