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32nd Old-timer Grand Prix

6-8 august 2004

It was decided earlier this year that ITR had to go to the Nürburgring at least once during the summer. Bad weather cancelled a trip in july, and we settled for the 32nd OGP instead.

Søren Bærholm had prepared his Audi 100 meticously during the spring and it had even been broken-in at an Alfa Romeo Track Day. So obviously we went in the silver arrow.

We stayed in a nice little town near Hohe Acht and did a lot of comuting around the tremendous North Loop to visit all the best vantage points.

The OGP itself was overwhelming as was the spectators cars that flooded the streets of Adenau every evening.

ITR participants:

Søren Bærholm - 2 laps on the north loop and passenger on 1 lap

Per Einarsson - Photos, videos, 1 lap on the north loop and passenger on 2 laps

Anton Norup - Photos and passenger on 1 north loop lap

Gert Sterner - Photos and passenger on 1 north loop lap

Alfa Romeo 8c2300 Monza Bugatti T13 Brescia 16-valve 1500cc
Gert Sterner and Ferrari 250 GT SWB Alfa Romeo GT in the German AROC paddock
Hans Hermann in the 1954 2500cc formula 1 Mercedes-Benz W196 The car was made as a streamliner version with a all-covering aluminium body
Fangio didn't like the car; he needed to be able to see the front wheels during the race Two german bertone coupes in the parking lot at brünnchen
The German Maserati OC drove on the GP-circuit during the half-hour pitwalk An american Nascar: Not very fast at all. Same laptime as 1934 Alfa Monza
McLaren M14 3000cc formula 1 1971 Early atempt at using down-force. Much qiucker than the BRM and Cooper cars
Maserati 300 S Le Mans Start in the up-to-1940 race on sunday
HWM with low hanging exhaust is overtaken by Maserati 300 S Ford GT40 Mk II at Adenauer Forst during the 400 km Marathon run friday afternoon
GPL-arm from Søren Bærholm to the Cooper-Alfa Romeo Grand prix cars 1968-1977
Grand prix cars 1968-1977 Cockpit of Ferrari Dino 246 F1 Grand Prix car
Ferrari Dino 246 F1 Grand Prix car Aston Martin DBR4 F1 Grand Prix car
McLaren M26 from 1977 overtakes Cooper T86 on the main straight Cooper fitted an Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 V8 in 1968
The Engine produced 400 bhp But they settled for the BRM V12 instead
Best lap time was 1:56 compared to 1:47 for the 1972 McLaren M14 Cockpit of the Cooper T86
Alfa Romeo engine Layout much like the Lotus 49
Sleek front end Cooper T23 with Bristol engine 2500cc
BRM P133 nose Red fire extinguisher fitted
Body much like the tasman 1967 BRM V12 3000cc BRM engine developed during 1966-1967
BRM P160 from 1971 Rear independant suspension of the 1932 Alfa Romeo Tipo B (P3)
Under-body of the Alfa Romeo Tipo B (P3) Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC in the German AROC paddock
Maserati 3200 GT and 4500 GT Early Porsche 911s in the Porsche OC paddock
Maserati 250F Grand Prix car 2500cc Maserati 250F Grand Prix car 2500cc
Cockpit of the Maserati 250F Maserati straight-six F1 engine 2500cc
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC Ford GT40 Anton and Søren
Lotus F2 racer McLaren M23 F1 racer
Per Einarsson with dream-car Maserati Kyalami in Adenau Tunnel leading to paddock
Blaue Ecke in Adenau Søren Bærholm's Audi 100 receives honours sticker after first lap on the north loop