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FIA - 30th Historic Grand Prix

19-20 june 2004

Claus Larsen co-drove one of the transporters of the danish team Lindberg Eyewear to the Belgian Zolder circuit near Brussels.

Two DeTomaso Panteras, three Lotus Elans and a Renault-Alpine was entered for the 30th FIA Historic European Grand Prix, and the Panteras even managed to qualify 2nd and 3rd, but had to stand down when it was concidered too dangerous to race in the wet with slicks.

ITR participants:

Claus Larsen - Photos, video and transporter chauffeur

The former trailer of DTC-team Levegh is now used by Team Lindberg Eyewear A nice chip-tuned auto Merc had no trouble towing the racers and mecchanics
Huge slick tyres for the Panteras. Not suitable in the wet, but good for a top grid-slot Herluf washes the blue Elan after the long journey from Denmark
A Ford Falcon Sprint on jacks This fast Alfa Giulia 1600 GTA had a very special howling sound on the track
The Alfa Romeo Factory sent a trailer with Giulietta Berlinas. Cute, but not fast at all A very well tuned Ford Escort BDA is prepared for practice
The TVR Griffith. Powered by a Rover V8, and very compact The american hero; Ford GT40 MK II
Even the fire extingiushers were vintage ;-) A violent-looking Porsche 911
After bending valves, the engine is changed in the gray Elan. And that engine was also blown later! Herluf tuned the points after a misfire was noticed on the blue Elan
GT40-like un-muffled exhaust and four double-choke carburettors. Extremely noisy More than a hundred thousand euros has been spent on the Panteras.
Preparing historic GP racers at JPS Lotus A Tyrell DFV-powered historic F1 racer
One of several Alpine and Gordini Renaults auctioned at the event There is no way to enter og exit the Panteras with grace
AC Cobra Replicas in the parking lot The racing has begun