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27. january 2004

Anton Norup combined a stay in Milano with a trip to the Monza Motordrome. It is possible to walk on the abandoned bankings at Curve Nord and Curva Sud.

Since they were last used in the early sixties, they have been thought much to dangerous to use in formula racing. Both the GPL-addon track and John Frankenheimer's movie "Grand Prix" are thus wrong in using the bankings for a Formula One race in 1967.

Riding a 400 bhp race car at high speed with the suspension bottomed on the rubber bump-stops would have been a grueling experience. One little jerk of the wheel or a protuding crack in the tarmac could send the car flying over the armco-rails.

A world-wide protest has kept the bankings from demolition; apart from Brooklands (UK) which was partly torn down during WW2 and Monthlery (F) which is about to be closed this year, Monza is the only remaining "Old Style" race track left in Europe.

In the UK they have recently built "Rockingham" with a banking like in the US, though.

ITR participants:

Anton Norup Sørensen - Photographs

The bankings were meant to be demolished this year. Anton Norup standing on the historic banking.
They haven't been used for racing since the early sixties. ... could be fun though :-)
The exit of Parabolica onto the main straight. The Curva Sud entered onto the straight from the right side of the photo. Main entrance to the Parabolica area ;-)