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Spettacolo Sportivo - Stichting Club van Alfa Romeo Bezitters

14. june 2003

We decided to participate in the Dutch SCARB club's 25th anniversery meeting at Zandvoort. The trip included a visit to the nearby Nürburgring and allowed us to drive both GPL historic cicuits. The Zandvoort track has been altered since 1967 because it became to fast for the down-force F1 cars.

Steffen Madsen joined the Alfa Romeos with his Fiat 128 Coupe and Lars Nielsen, Søren Bærholm And Anton Norup came along in the passenger seats. Everybody had opportunities to drive the cars, but the Fiat was not allowed onto the track when we showed up. This was very disapointing for Steffen Madsen, because he would have liked to try the well-tuned Fiat on the smooth tarmac, and we had been promised that it would pose no problem at all. But, alas, they changed their minds.

The track is very exiting, and the rush from driving there in real life is tremendous. A lot of Alfa Romeo owners showed up with a lot of beautiful cars.

ITR participants:

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)

Best lap time 2:44

Søren Bærholm - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)

Best lap time 2:52

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV 16V (1991)

Best lap time ?

Anton Norup - Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV 16V (1991)

Best lap time ?

Steffen Madsen - Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV 16V (1991)

Best lap time ?

Lap time records:

Luca Badoer - Ferrari F1/2001 - 1:19.88 (demo run)

Bob van der Sluis - Alfa Romeo 75 IMSA - 1:53.25

Lars Nielsen with Steffen Madsen's Fiat 128 Coupe. All three cars parked on the Zeudersee dam.
Steffen Madsen and Gert Sterner are preparing their cars for the event. Per Einarsson preparing the Giulia GT.
View from the hotel. The race track is just behind the coast-line road. Two Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 race cars arriving from Brescia. 3-litre (top) and 2-litre versions.
Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ, aluminium-bodied GT-racer from the mid-sixties. Gert Sterner met this Dutch racer, who had prepared his 33 16V to perfection under the skin, outwardly looking very standard.
The Tipo 33/3 had been built recently from spareparts at the Alfa Romeo factory. Thoroughbred racing machinery.
Pre-booked driving on the track was scheduled for 30-minute periods all during the day. This is the entry to the Hugenholtz hairpin. Two tremendously fast Alfa 75-based racers are storming down the main straight.
Pre-war 6c2500 spider. Post-war 6c2500 sprint.
A long-tail Tipo 33-2 Daytona is pitting in during the demonstration stint. Preparing a Tipo 33 for racing. Nice sound and huge crowd.
Cooper tried the 3-litre Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 engine in their 1968 T86C Formula 1 racer. It was only used at Monaco and Spa, and they settled with the BRM V12 instead (photos from Old-Timer GP at the Ring)
The Alfa V8 was much smaller than the enormous Maserati V12, and it developed a very interesting 400 bhp. But the V12 from BRM was designed to work as a stressed member, whereas the Tipo 33 needed to be partially supported by the chassis.