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Spa Italia - Sport car meeting

29. june 2003

Spa Francorchamps had been removed from the F1 calandar for 2003. So everybody were a bit concerned for the future of the Ardenne race track this year.

Per Einarsson drove to Malmedy to meet with fellow enthusiasts from all over Europe and try out the race track himself. He drove the old track on the Belgian highways as well.

Included in the special ticket was a full hour of turismo driving on the track along with maybe a hundred other italian cars.

ITR participants:

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)

Best lap time 04:14

Lap time records:

Michael Schumacher - Ferrari F1/2002 - 01:43.73

Gerald Larousse - Lamborghini Diablo GTR - 02:36.89

The Spa Francorchamps race track; old track dotted in red ...
An original Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint with Superleggera body by Carozzeria Touring. The Bertone Bella prototype built on the Alfa 75. It actually ran at the meeting!
Lamborghini Countach, Miura and Ferrari 250 GTE. Line-up for the Concours d'Elegance, won by the Ferrari 250 GTE.
Two sleeping monsters. Lamborghini Diablo. Interior of a Ferrari 250 GT Boano.
Two generations of Ferrari Gran Turismo. V12 front-engined and V8 mid-engined. The Bertone concept for Alfa Romeo's early fifties Giulietta Spider. Pininfarina won with their design.
Interior of the Maserati 450S Sports Car racer. 4.5-litre and 2-litre Maserati Sports Car racers.
Maserati V8 with four double dell'Orto 48 mm carbs Cockpit of the birdcage maserati.
Bertone exhibition of the Lancia Strato's The engine of Peter Dyrelund's Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione.
Exibition tent of the Belgian AROC. A beautiful Lamborghini Miura going round the La Source hairpin.
A 512 Testarossa and a classic 365 Daytona coming back from a track drive. Supercars close at hand!