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Turistenfahrt Nordschleife

15. june 2003

We drove through the evening an into the night to get from Zandvoort on the North Sea coast and up to the hilly Eifel in western Germany.

Per Einarsson had previously lapped the North Loop on two occations and Gert Sterner had been a passenger once, but for the rest it was a first time experience. We stayed for two nights at a nice B&B right under the Nürburg Castle, and were able to use a full day at the famous track.

Everything was thoroughly prepared and we lapped the circuit as closely together as we could. We had video cameras in all cars, and both the Alfa 33 and the Giulia GT were pulled over by the guards. "Kamera ausbauen!" They didn't like us to film the adventures. Total non-sense! We were filming out of utter respect for the awsome track ... and everybody does it :-(

ITR participants:

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)

Best lap time BTG 10:36

Søren Bærholm - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)

Best lap time BTG 11:24

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV 16V (1991)

Best lap time BTG 10:46

Anton Norup - Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV 16V (1991)

Best lap time BTG 11:03

Steffen Madsen - Fiat 128 Coupe (1972)

Best lap time BTG ?

Lars Nielsen - Fiat 128 Coupe (1972)

Best lap time BTG ?

Lap time records:

Stefan Bellof - Porsche 956 - 6:11 (BTG 5:50)

Dirk Müller - BMW M3 GTR - 7:12 (BTG 6:50)

We stayed with the Esch family just under the Nürburg Castle. behind the house runs the Döttinger Straight. GPL-arm in the car-park at "Die Grüne Hölle" opposite Döttinger Höhe.
The forst lap is discussed. Søren Bærholm explains a maneuvre to Steffen Madsen. Gert Sterner's Alfa 33 16V and Steffen Madsen's Fiat 128 Coupe resting after a lap.
Søren Bærholm, Steffen Madsen, Lars Nielsen, Per Einarsson, Gert Sterner and Anton Norup. Søren Bærholm takes Per Einarsson's Giulia GT for another lap.
The Giulia GT parked at the entrance after the last lap of the day. The team relaxing at Brünnchen.
At Brünnchen. Lars stayed behind and filmed the three cars as they passed through this hi-action bend combination. A Ducati motorbike thrown through Brünnchen II.
At Brünnchen. Per Einarsson seems to have grown rabbit ears :-) The roads in the Eifel area are very interesting. The Fiat Coupe following the Afla Coupe closely.
Gert Sterner, as well as Steffen Madsen, enjoyed sticking the Ring-label onto their cars. The Giulia GT had earned its label the previous year. Crashing danger! Racing is OUT!