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25. may 2003

The first event on a proper race track. Per Einarsson's Giulia had been equiped with Sparco seats and racing harnesses, and both cars were prepared for this nice spring day.

It was a joint event with the danish Honda owner's club and the nice weather made a lot of club members turn up to watch the cars.

The Giulia suffered from a worn clutch and the 33 16V burned some sensors on the brake pads. Both difficulties were however overcome without retirements.

ITR participants:

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (1972)

Best lap time 0:49.17 (12 points)

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV 16V (1991)

Best lap time 0:49.66 (10 points)

Søren Bærholm - Passenger

Anton Norup - Passenger

Simon Nielsen - Passenger

Claus Larsen - Passenger

(Best time of the day - Alfa 75 V6 - 0:44.55)

Video Stream

Video - 320x240 - wmv@384kbit/s duration 02:17 - 5.6 MB

Gert Sterner drives down the ramp in his Alfa Romeo 33 16V Gert Sterner passing the time-keeper's line on a flying lap.
Per Einarsson and passenger, Søren Bærholm, preparing for another stint. It was a nice hot spring day, and a lot of Alfa Romeo and Honda enthusiasts turned up.
Behind the front seats the camera-jig is visible. Gert Sterner has a similar jig for his Alfa 33. The Bertone roaring past the time-keeper. Notice how bad aerodynamics lifts the front end several centimeters because air is trapped under the bonnet!
ITR members Claus Larsen, Anton Norup, Gert Sterner, Simon Nielsen, Per Einarsson and Søren Bærholm in front of the tired vehicles. Gert Sterner and Per Einarsson among the drivers recieving prizes in front of an Alfa Romeo GTV.