Zandvoort - Holland home
The track:

The 4.202 meter Circuit van Zandvoort is one of the most challenging circuits in Grand Prix Legends. It flows over and around the hills of Holland in a never-ending test of concentration. A lot of the turns are blind or change elevation as they go. Each one leads right into the next, leaving you no time to relax. Even the front straight has a kink in it just to make sure you pay attention there as well. If you make an error in one turn, you will probably have to wait about half a lap to get back into your rhythm again. But once you're in that rhythm this track is fantastic!

How to drive it:

Lights Out Racing - Guide to Zandvoort

The racereport from 1967:

Read the words of Denis "Jenk" Jenkinson from Motorsport

What it looked like:

Video stream

Lap time 1:25.06 - 3.68 MB - 364 kbit/s

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