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The track:

The 3.651 km Watkins Glen circuit, located in upstate New York, has a fairly simple layout and the shortest lap time of any circuit on the 67 calendar. Don't let this fool you into thinking this is an easy circuit, however. The short lap times, of just over a minute, will mean that for most of the race you'll be in traffic even if you are the leader. So your ability to safely pass other cars is essential for a win here. Also, the Loop is quite a difficult corner which is just begging you to push too hard and slide off onto the grass, and then most likely into the fence. A smooth approach combined with great trail-braking skills and a sense of when to push into a corner and when to go for exit speed will yield a good lap time. The start is quite a difficult one here. The start/finish line is just a few feet from turn one, so it is extremely difficult to get off the line without sliding the car in one direction or another. Then as you'll probably be two wide until midway through the esses, you have to be extremely aware of any cars around you. And if all that wasn't enough to make this track fun, the track has a significant crown to it. So if you come into a braking zone sideways you are fairly likely to be exiting it even more sideways, and probably backwards towards a fence at excessively high speeds.

How to drive it:

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The racereport from 1967:

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