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Fifth season running in the Danish Grand prix Legends Society league

The first season turned out a fifth place in the team championship, but when returning with a somewhat weaker line-up for the second season Team Into The Red ended as number ten in the team-rank.

The third season however lifted the Scuderia to a well deserved third place among the top-contenders even though the team was decimated during the shortened season.

The fourth season went very well from the start, but it wasn't finished properly becuase the league was interupted. We ran Cooper-Maseratis, and they are not as powerful as the best car on the grid, so considering this the result is OK.

Now, for the fifth season, we are back in the Ferrari, and we intent to finish in the top-three once again.


The efforts of Into The Red - Simracing during the first five seasons compared to the leader/eventual winner for each season. The seasons are very different!