Spa Francorchamps - Belgium home
The track:

The 14.131 meter Spa-Francorchamps circuit is one of my favorites. More than 50% of it is spent in 6th gear. More than 80% is at full throttle. The track is not one where you need to restrain yourself. You can push the car all the way and it is fun! Flying through the Masta Kink at 170 mph is a thrill, as is Malmedy and, of course, Eau Rouge. The long straights let you draft like crazy as well as letting you think, or psych yourself out, about the next turn. So have fun, keep it floored as much as possible and stay off the brakes.

How to drive it:

Lights Out Racing - Guide to Spa Francorchamps

The racereport from 1967:

Read the words of Denis "Jenk" Jenkinson from Motorsport

What it looked like:

Video stream

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