Silverstone - Great Britain home
The track:

The 4.721 meter Silverstone circuit is the home of the British Grand Prix. The track is layed out on an old World War II airfield, and thus has almost no elevation changes. It does have some good straights and fast corners which make it quite fun. A fast lap here requires the ability to attack the turns and get through them quickly, rather than speed down the straights. As such, Silverstone tends to even out the cars more than other tracks. The straights also provide several overtaking opportunities each lap. If you can get a good run through Chapel and the draft your opponent down Hanger Straight then outbraking into Stowe is definitely possible. Likewise, a fast run through Maggotts will let you make an attempt into Becketts, although the proximity of those turns make it that much more difficult. So set up for those fast left handers and you should have a good fun race.

How to drive it:

Lights Out Racing - Guide to Silverstone

The racereport from 1967:

Read the words of Denis "Jenk" Jenkinson from Motorsport

What it looked like:

Video stream

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