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The track:

The 22.885 meter Nurburgring circuit; 174 turns and about 90 gear changes per lap. What else do you need to say about it? It's a cliché, but it is the ultimate driver's track. There is no other track in GPL, let alone any other form of racing, that even comes close to the Nurburgring. This is where the physics engine truly gets to shine. The suspension is pushed to its limit numerous times each lap. Getting airborne is all part of the fun. This track is a true test of driver skill, separating those drivers who are quite fast from those who are truly talented. To be able to put together 15 fast laps without making an error is a huge accomplishment. Getting that one perfect fast lap for qualifying is also a huge accomplishment. Unlike the other ten tracks on the 67 calendar, then Ring has to be driven differently in the race than it is during a qualifying run. There are many turns and hills that cannot be taken anywhere as quickly in a race with a full fuel load as they can be during qualifying. If you don't realize this, you won't last the distance. The driver that can put in a fast qualifying lap as well as a controlled and restrained race lap will succeed here.

At over 8 minutes, the length of the the lap is significant. If your best time is a 8:30 it may seem impossible for you to figure out how people are doing 8:10 laps. However with 174 turns, if you shave just one tenth of a second off each turn, you will gain 17.4 seconds a lap. Shave just one hundredth of a second off each turn and you have 1.74 seconds. Relaxation is the key. This is tough as there are not many places to relax, but you have to be calm in order to keep the car together for 8 minutes. Over all, just enjoy it. Try a few laps a day and you'll improve. Learn the line first before anything else, as that's where you will gain time.

You need to have realistic goals that help you improve bit by bit. First try getting around the track without having to stop for directions. Then go for a time less than, say 11 minutes, then 10, 9:30, then 9, then 8:45, etc. This will be much more beneficial than going out trying to do an 8 minute lap right away.

How to drive it:

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The racereport from 1967:

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What it looked like:

Video stream

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