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The track:

The 3.903 km Mosport circuit hosts the Canadian Grand Prix. It is a great circuit with lots of blind corners and elevation changes. Every corner flows right into the next one so your line out of a corner is the most important part of your lap time. A car that doesn't handle well here will make for a very difficult lap, let alone the race. So don't worry about top speed, but work on cornering ability. Passing opportunities are extremely rare at Mosport, making the start of the race and qualifying very important. If you want a chance of winning you really need a front row start, so work on your qualifying skills at this track. The Andretti straight serves as the back straight even though it isn't straight. You could get a good draft down it, but it ends at the crest of the hill and then a turn. Overtaking there is extremely risky even with the most experienced drivers. You may be able to pass going by the pits, but otherwise you'll probably have to pressure the guy ahead into a mistake to get by.

How to drive it:

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The racereport from 1967:

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What it looked like:

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