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The track:

The 3.152 meter circuit in Monaco is one of the toughest circuits in GPL, along with the Nurburgring. The track is very tight and twisty and, with just one exception, quite slow. The barriers are everywhere and extremely unforgiving. All this means that there is no margin for error at all. If you are off by an inch you'll be in the barrier and out of the race. The track requires a smooth and very patient driving style. Trying to push the cars through the tight hairpins and narrow turns won't help your lap times. The track isn't very physically demanding, but after a full length 100 lap Grand Prix you'll be exhausted from the level of concentration required by this track. But putting all this aside Monaco is a fantastic track to drive. The town is beautiful to look at, although I'd wait until after you finish or crash out to do that. It also has some extremely challenging corners, like the chicane which, after taking it flat, makes all modern street circuits look like wide open ovals.

How to drive it:

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The racereport from 1967:

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