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The track:

The 4.932 km Autodromo de la Ciudad de Mexico track hosts the Mexican Grand Prix. It is the highest track in terms of elevation at about 1.500 meters above sea level. This reduces the amount of horsepower available to the cars. So even though the front straight is incredibly long, you will never see 310 kph, even with a draft. The track has two distinct sections to it. The fast Peralta leads onto the front straight, which ends in a very fast decreasing radius turn. Then the hairpin and the esses are very tight and similar to a go-kart track. The fast section is where bravery and car control will reward those willing to push hard into the fast corners. The esses require finesse with the accelerator and brake pedal to get through quickly. Combined, these different sections make the track quite fun and usually produce good races.

How to drive it:

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The racereport from 1967:

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