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The track:

The 4.103 meter Kyalami track in South Africa is a good mixture of fast sweeping turns, tight hairpins, and one very long straight. It is one of the most modern tracks in Grand Prix Legends, with lots of run-off room and curbs at all the turns. There are quite a few passing opportunities, the most obvious of which is at the end of the very long front straight. As most of the straight is uphill your top speed at the end is not that fast. Good trail-braking skills are important here in order to get the car turned into the corners quickly. Other than that the track is not too difficult. Being smooth and keeping to the correct line is the way to be fast here. Pushing too hard into the slower turns will slow you down as you struggle to get the power down at their exits. As far as racing goes, it can be quite fun, with the draft playing an important role down the front straight.

How to drive it:

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The racereport from 1967:

Read the words of Denis "Jenk" Jenkinson from Motorsport

What it looked like:

Video stream

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