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Steffen Madsen

Result: P6 - 1 lap behind P1

Best lap time: 1:24.665 (L22) video

Qualified: Q8 - 1:24.819 - 2.064 sec behind Q1
Steffen Madsen in a full speed drift through Bombhole corner on the way back to the start/finish straight

Peter Christiansen

Result: P3 - 1:06.719 behind P1

Best lap time: 1:26.854 (L32) video

Qualified: Q2 - 1:25.478 - 0.499 sec behind Q1

Per Einarsson

Result: P6 - 2 laps behind P1

Best lap time: 1:27.604 (L22) video

Qualified: Q9 - 1:28.574 - 3.595 sec behind Q1

Søren Bærholm

Result: P4 - 5 laps behind P1

Best lap time: 1:29.950 (L8) video

Qualified: Q10 - 1:29.928 - 4.949 sec behind Q1
Peter Christiansen drifting into the Esses on his way to a third place behind the two Eagles
Per Einarsson gets shunted by Søren Mortensen during braking for the Esses
Søren Bærholm who has taken over Gert Sterner's seat in the 4th car brakes after Norwich straight