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Michael Andersen

Result: P9 - 1 lap behind P1

Best lap time: 1:26.771 (L30)

Qualified: Q9 - 1:26.754 - 1.617 sec behind Q1

Per Einarsson

Result: P10 - 1 lap behind P1

Best lap time: 1:28.220 (L30)

Qualified: Q13 - 1:27.769 - 2.632 sec behind Q1

Henrik Christensen

Result: P11 - 1 lap behind P1

Best lap time: 1:27.892 (L23)

Qualified: Q11 - 1:27.162 - 2.025 sec behind Q1

Søren Bærholm

Result: P16 - 3 laps behind P1

Best lap time: 1:29.159 (L9)

Qualified: Q16 - 1:30.440 - 5.303 sec behind Q1

Michael Andersen spins out on the ultimate lap and gets caught in the front-runner's duel
Per Einarsson checks the steering on the starting grid before the fall of the green flag
Henrik Christensen leading team-mate Michael Andersen while still holding P8 earlier in the race Søren Bærholm torpedoes under the gantry on the main straight while giving way to Steffen Madsen in the Ferrari