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Henrik Christensen

Result: P4 - 1:25.289 behind P1

Best lap time: 3:24.521 (L7)

Qualified: Q6 - 3:23.801 - 2.788 sec behind Q1

Michael Andersen

Result: P6 - 2:09.138 behind P1

Best lap time: 3:23.988 (L11)

Qualified: Q2 - 3:21.307 - 0.294 sec behind Q1

Per Einarsson

Result: P14 - DNF (disconnect L15)

Best lap time: 3:30.661 (L3)

Qualified: Q10 - 3:28.346 - 7.333 sec behind Q1

Søren Bærholm

Result: P17 - DNF (disconnect L1)

Best lap time: (no time)

Qualified: Q15 - 3:43.176 - 22.163 sec behind Q1

Henrik Christensen recieves the chequered flag after 15 laps of exhausting driving in the french mountains
Michael Andersen shot away from the front row of the starting-grid and led the pack in front of Lars Gaarde
Per Einarsson had an exciting race with a lot of changing-places with Kent Nielsen in the Eagle-Weslake Søren Bærholm only made it onto T1 where his Cooper-Maserati was shunted into oblivion by a BRM