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Stig Jørgensen

Result: P7 - 1:26.854 behind P1

Best lap time: 1:26.120 (L16)

Qualified: Q13 - 1:25.546 - 2.397 sec behind Q1

Stig Jørgensen is overtaken on the last 200 meters of the final lap and looses his P6 to Norwegian Thorfinn Dahl in the Lotus 47

Jan Kyster

Result: P4 - 33.247 sec behind P1

Best lap time: 1:26.411 (L23)

Qualified: Q3 - 1:26.061 - 0.410 sec behind Q1

Jan Kyster keeps pole-sitter Lars gaarde behind the Ferrari for the two last grueling laps of tough dicing between the two cars

Per Einarsson

Result: P6 - 1 lap behind P1

Best lap time: 1:28.857 (L23)

Qualified: Q8 - 1:28.301 - 1.909 sec behind Q1

Gert Sterner

Result: P7 - 2 laps behind P1

Best lap time: 1:31.370 (L15)

Qualified: Q13 - 1:32.183 - 5.791 sec behind Q1

Søren Bærholm

Result: DNF - Disconnected

Best lap time: 1:30.422 (L4)

Qualified: Q12 - 1:30.232 - 3.840 sec behind Q1

Gert Sterner (#8) rose from the last slot of the grid to a splendid 7th at the finish. Here gives way to Per Einarsson on the fast run down the straight in the second half of the race
Søren Bærholm is aiming down the main straight side-by-side with Thomas Sandaa in the Lotus before the Ferrari suddenly retired